Harrowing video shows migrants drowning in attempt to cross Rio Grande

The ill-conceived determination of President Joe Biden to reverse the border-strengthening achievements of his Oval Office predecessor is having devastating real-life consequences, as harrowing, newly-released footage reveals.

The surge of young migrants attempting to cross the border amid the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump-era border regulations took a tragic turn recently, with amateur video capturing the drowning deaths of at least three in the Rio Grande, as Fox News reported.

The tragic scene was caught on film by fisherman Jesus Vargas near Laredo, Texas and shows three individuals in the river, with their heads barely above water, with at least two ultimately failing to resurface. Watch (warning, disturbing images):

In the video, Vargas can be heard alerting U.S. Border Patrol agents to the situation, saying: “You don’t have life jackets, nothing? They’re drowning, these guys!”

According to Vargas, the volume of migrants attempting to cross the border in this location has risen significantly in recent weeks, a fact many attribute to Biden’s pledge to reverse the Trump administration’s hardline stance on illegal immigration.

Sergio Cordova, a representative of migrant relief and advocacy group Team Brownsville opined to the Sunday Times of London, “I think we’ll see an increase for a while,” adding, “[migrants] knew of the promises Biden made during his campaign.”

The tragic drownings come as Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas projected that the current wave of migrants flocking to the southern border is on pace to shatter a 20-year record, and as Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared current conditions at overwhelmed border detention centers as unacceptable, saying:

These are facilities you wouldn’t want your kids in for 10 minutes. They are big open rooms. The kids are sleeping on thin mattresses on the floor, bunched six inches to a foot away from one another.

In response to the escalating humanitarian crisis of the current administration’s making, former President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Biden “has turned a national triumph into a national disaster” after having been handed “the most secure border in history.” In light of recent reports from those on the ground – including that captured by Mr. Vargas – his damning assessment is difficult to dispute.

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  1. I have sorrow for these immigrants they are looking for a better life meanwhile the incoming of the population coming to the southern border is created by Cartels telling them that as soon as they get across they will have freedom just pay us now and everything will be better these poor people save their money to have people die crossing into the United States
    how sad

    1. I begged Trump to electricfy the new wall with at least 440 volts and plant land mines at the base.

  2. Income tax deductions . How do they affect everyone else ? They reduce the income pool the Fed Gov can tax. In theory, income remaining in the tax pool must be nicked at a higher rate to make up for the amount excluded. The excluded amount is to do a GENERAL GOOD , or a PRIVATE GOOD that all, or the vast, ninety percent or better , can agree on.
    The democrats can set up a VOLUNTARY NON DEDUCTIBLE FUND to support room and board (housing , education ,medical, job training) for illegals. Then based on the size of the fund, the Fed Gov can allow that number to stay, apportioned to the numbers from each South American , Caribbean, African , Middle Eastern , nation. It is hard to understand why DEMOCRATS who love to SAVE ( with OPM ) and GIVE (with OPM) do not do this . It is also hard to understand why South America which has as much ,or better natural resources as North America, is mired in poverty.
    What did you say ? I can’t hear you.

  3. We should give them all a tent they can join the rest of society that thinks you can just expect something for nothing . Put them in our rundown abandon areas maybe they can make a go of them.live on minimum wage like us everyday poor people that have worked hard and paid taxes for priveledge to just make it.

    1. F*CK’EM…………..Do NOT give them anything except hot lead to their brain. Like JON above said. Make the broder a shooting range !

  4. We will make it into a shooting range as they come across the line and they will learn to turn around and go back.

  5. That was caught on video and how many have drown that we don’t know about. And I don’t know why they are coming here as many jobs Biden has destroyed. How are people going to live here with fewer jobs and more people. Can anybody answer that question for me.

  6. I am unclear why we United State Citizens are putting up with any of this. We have become a nation of words only. No action, if your unwilling to try and stop what is taking place in OUR Country then shut up about it. This is OUR Country. Many good people gave their lives for this Country and still are doing so. We need to band together and say hell NO no more. There can be no turning back to the life we have made here for us all. As long as we allow the drug problems and our own living in the streets no others should be allowed in. They will just keep flooding in as long as we let it happen. They have not stood up for themselves and made their countries great, only let it fall into criminal hands. So they run here. They will do the same thing here and this is the last place standing to run to. The Demacrats and the Greedy want to break us and they are doing a good job of it. If we are not proud enough to fight for our way of life and take back what so many have built then shame on us. We deserve what we get. Jealousy from other country’s is what will kill America and later mankind
    Step up people.

  7. How much is Biden pocketing from the cartel that there are so many kids coming here unsupervised? There has to be a reason that they are only bringing kids here to Biden.

  8. Let each of these people who suppport the illegals, take them to their homes. Pitch a tent in their backyard, feed them, cloth
    them and PAY for their education. See how that would work! Send them all back where they came from.

  9. Came across this on Facebook “STATE OF THE UNION topics”

    We have a President with dementia, an ex-call girl for a Vice President, a transvestite over HHS, the President’s son who is a crackhead, a human-trafficking pedophile who money laundered billions from other countries using his father’s office and sharing half with big guy, the crackhead’s buddy is the head of the DEA, the crackhead’s other buddy is now in the DOJ, a guy who slept with a Chinese spy is over our DHS, we are borrowing all of our money now from China and we gave them access to our power grid, hundreds of thousands of virus un-vetted immigrants are coming for our treasure and possibly our lives, depending on how many terrorists slip through, and the Democrats are still focusing on destroying a former President. Add this to the 40,000 jobs lost in the past months. Yet we are supposed to believe that Biden is pro-America? You just can’t make this up. God help America, our children & grandchildren.” I’m adding our Country deserves better, above comment is our State of the Union, Tax and spend tax and spend”


  10. It’s disgusting disgraceful demoralizing what this CLUELESS INCOMPETENT MAN HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY!!!! QUESTION?!!! Can our country survive this CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION-
    Harris no better than Biden – better start 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 ppl! NOW!!!!!

  11. Really tell them don’t come, but that’s not going to happen. They don’t care. They didn’t care about how they treated the military in Washington. Mr. Senile made a mess he can’t clean up

  12. Biden can be impeached for China and Ukraine. Kameltoe, pelousy ,waters,Schumer, Schiff, Clinton’s, obozo,aoc,omar,tliab,and a bus load of others can all be impeached for inciting violence, especially during the riots and BLM bull chips.
    All of them are on tape supporting the domestic terrorists, antifa,blm, and more.

  13. Nancy Pelosi, and the whole White House establishment should be thrown into that river and drown, just as these people were. Biden has to be stopped. Biden, Harris, and especially Pelosi should be done away with and let our country once again be a proud nation. We will never be that under biden. He does not need his name to have a capital letter in it, they should all be flushed into that river.

  14. These people are drowning, going down like Biden trying to go up the stairs to his plane and failing. Another thought process by Biden who acts before thinking what possible outcome could do in the end. Way to go clumsy!

  15. Biden did this. They are flooding the borders anyway they can bc biden has put the word that the can come. It is disgraceful and those parents are to be held accountable for the death of those kids.

  16. If the people in charge of the border and all the ones in containment were to be sent to Washington DC and left on Biden’s, Polosi’s, and Shumers door step you would see a different approach to all of this. Instead they drop them off in places that aren’t able to support their small towns or to big cities like in Houston dome area for them to stay their until they can send them out into the US to wherever. It is wrong for the American people to have to endure this on-slought of people into our country when we are just coming out of a pandemic and our own people do not have jobs to help take care of their families. It is a disgrace to what is happening at our borders.

  17. Are these illegals so stupid that they really think that biden or the rest of these left wing liberals give a hoot about them?
    The only thing these commie liberals want from these illegals are their illegal votes and will promise them the moon and then spit on them.
    There is no place for these illegals here, America cannot support them or feed them or house them America needs to take care of our own before illegals are even in the picture. And what about those others who have been trying to get here by our laws and come in legally? This is a terrible slap in the face to these people.

  18. Our Own Deployed Troops in Washington, DC were treated worse and why wasn’t anybody speaking up for them? They were there to appease a hysterical Nancy Pelosi a living nut in her own right. Those people at the border should be returned back to their parents. It’s the responsibility of parents to raise their children not The United States of America.

    1. You are so right!! BUT….I really don’t think the parents of these children give a damn! The children seem to be expendable and when they
      make the trip across the Border(s) its just …IF they make it O.K. , IF they don’t, well…. too bad. There are more where those came from!
      AND YES!!! “Try ” to find out where they came from and take them Back! This B.S. has gone on for WAY TOO LONG!!
      There seems to be “more than one way to invade a country”. America should not be forced to take care of these kids!
      I think once the Uncaring Parents are found they should ALL be sent back to where they came from and never be allowed to enter this country. NEVER!!!

    1. This is a crime on Biden’s head. His hate for Trump overwhelmed any good sense he may have had and just made this a horrendous situation. Mexico should have something to say about this. Biden created a sewer for these people and many have already been bussed into the country with Covid, diseases, drugs, and who knows what else. I hope these people NEVER vote Democrat because that was his plan all along!

      1. His and Pelosi’s hate for Trump. God help this country! Dems want to turn it into a 3rd world country so they have total control!!! They could care less about children, Americans, ‘dreamers’ or anyone else that takes up air space as long as they are rich and powerful!

  19. Cartels dont care & neither do Dems & RINOs
    End this Invasion surge now
    But Dems WONT
    Unless war with cartels
    Lock & Load time

    1. Cartels are recruiting young Americans to become Coyotes!
      Young kids who know how to cross the river are in DEMAND!
      Thank You President Biden!!!

      Alejandro Mayorka LIED on Sunday on Chris Wallace’s show!
      Under President Trump we had the very best control of our BORDER!
      Mexico was forced to help along withe the other Central American Nations!

    2. You are very correct. In fact, they advocate killing everyone who does not join them. If we do not stop them that is exactly what will happen. There is no one who will even try to stop this, asking for money and signing petitions obviously is not working.

    1. “tell” them???? what are u delusional? or feel somehow guilty??? not even the migrants ??? I dont. they know the risks and they know the cost and they STILL SEND THE KIDS ALONE. bidenharris willhave a lot of recjoning coming but what is eeded is SOMEONE TO STOP them not “tell” them. biden and the rest have invited them in! but we have such amoronic “white supremacist” mentality in the most racist country in the world (isn’t that what the blacks have been saying? and now the asians? and now the latins? and next week it will be again islamic extremes so it all fits. and it makes total sense. PEOPLE ARE DYING TO GET IN THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY INT HE WORLD! according to democraps. Yea libtards, where is crying aoc, or schemer and nadler and the rest. crickets.

      1. As I see it Juan, the parents must not care what happens to their kids………What do they care……they will just make more once they get into the USA……Parents that truly love their kids would never put them in that situation…….Those parents truly are the Low IQ, killers, drug dealers, rapists, robbers, & looters……….I have seen the garbage dumps they left when crossing the vacant land with backpacks…..Some were mules that just wanted to pay their way for the trip by carrying or injesting drugs…….

    2. This is unacceptable. I’d like to know just what did Biden and his Administration think was going to happen when they opened the border. I can understand these people want a better life. But we dont have the resources to handle this right now. Biden is raping the American people with their agenda, we as a Nation are not secure from harm and now we have people drowning in the river because of his and his Administrations incompetency.
      It’s inexcusable and they need to stand in front of Congress and the American people and explain their insanity.
      They have broken their Oath to this Country and should not be able to continue this absurd agenda.

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