Harrowing video shows migrants drowning in attempt to cross Rio Grande

The ill-conceived determination of President Joe Biden to reverse the border-strengthening achievements of his Oval Office predecessor is having devastating real-life consequences, as harrowing, newly-released footage reveals.

The surge of young migrants attempting to cross the border amid the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump-era border regulations took a tragic turn recently, with amateur video capturing the drowning deaths of at least three in the Rio Grande, as Fox News reported.

The tragic scene was caught on film by fisherman Jesus Vargas near Laredo, Texas and shows three individuals in the river, with their heads barely above water, with at least two ultimately failing to resurface. Watch (warning, disturbing images):

In the video, Vargas can be heard alerting U.S. Border Patrol agents to the situation, saying: “You don’t have life jackets, nothing? They’re drowning, these guys!”

According to Vargas, the volume of migrants attempting to cross the border in this location has risen significantly in recent weeks, a fact many attribute to Biden’s pledge to reverse the Trump administration’s hardline stance on illegal immigration.

Sergio Cordova, a representative of migrant relief and advocacy group Team Brownsville opined to the Sunday Times of London, “I think we’ll see an increase for a while,” adding, “[migrants] knew of the promises Biden made during his campaign.”

The tragic drownings come as Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas projected that the current wave of migrants flocking to the southern border is on pace to shatter a 20-year record, and as Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared current conditions at overwhelmed border detention centers as unacceptable, saying:

These are facilities you wouldn’t want your kids in for 10 minutes. They are big open rooms. The kids are sleeping on thin mattresses on the floor, bunched six inches to a foot away from one another.

In response to the escalating humanitarian crisis of the current administration’s making, former President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Biden “has turned a national triumph into a national disaster” after having been handed “the most secure border in history.” In light of recent reports from those on the ground – including that captured by Mr. Vargas – his damning assessment is difficult to dispute.