Harris slammed for Memorial Day tweet omitting holiday’s true meaning

In the latest of a string of incidents revealing her disdain for America’s armed forces, Vice President Kamala Harris sparked outrage over a tone-deaf tweet regarding the Memorial Day weekend that failed to even acknowledge the solemn meaning behind the holiday, as Fox News reported.

On Saturday, Harris took to the social media platform, urged followers to “Enjoy the long weekend,” and included a photograph of herself smiling broadly into the distance.

What was missing, according to a loud chorus of observers, was any mention whatsoever of the reason underlying the long weekend or any words of tribute to those who have lost their lives in the defense of freedom.

Scathing criticism of Harris’ omission was swift and certain, with political commentator and congressional candidate Robby Starbuck joining the fray by telling the vice president, “I know you think the ‘long weekend’ is a chance to post a pic of yourself and get some mimosas as you plan to rip our country apart, but it’s actually a time to appreciate the brave soldiers who died for our country & to reflect on the LIFETIME their families spend without them.”

Twitter user PaxView Jeff posted a scathing rebuke of Harris’ tweet in the form of a heart-wrenching photo of a woman and infant lying on a blanket at the grave of a fallen solider, which was accompanied by the admonition, “It is Memorial Day weekend – not for enjoying – but for memorializing our fallen. Our brothers and sisters, who ‘gave the last full measure of devotion.’ Please try to respect that.”

Unfortunately, Harris’ twitter misfire was just the most recent instance in which she revealed little or no respect for or understanding of those who serve in the military. On Friday, during her commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy, the vice president used the occasion to inject – unsuccessfully – a bit of wokeness disguised as humor, speaking theoretically about a female Marine using solar and wind energy for “combat power,” according to the Daily Mail.

These slights, combined with her notorious refusals to salute military honor guard members while boarding official aircraft – a tradition steadfastly observed by her predecessors – indicate the glaring contempt with which Harris views the men and women who honorably serve our country and are a disturbing commentary on the state of the administration she represents.