Harris seen less favorably than Biden in recent poll

Vice President Kamala Harris is suffering a worse favorability rating than President Joe Biden, recent polling data shows, according to The Hill

According to the publication, the nation’s second in command has earned a combined unfavorable rating of 46 percent, which is about three points below Biden’s 43 percent.

This likely wasn’t an isolated incident, however, considering an Economist-YouGov poll conducted from July 24 to 27, reported by The Hill which showed that Harris’s unfavorable figure reached 48 percent.

As midterms loom, Democrats are faced with the possibility that their Vice President may not be able to rally the vote for their party’s candidates in what promises to be a close and critical election.

“As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates,” said one Democratic strategist on the topic of Harris campaigning for party members.

“My sense is she’ll probably raise a lot of money and maybe she’ll go to some specific districts, but they’ll have to be really strategic with her.”

While Vice Presidents don’t typically outpace their running mates, Harris seems to be in a particularly bad shape with the strategist adding that, “She doesn’t have the standing at this moment to go to a lot of these tighter districts.”

Even some of Harris’ most staunch supporters have noticed that she might not be up to the task of helping carry Democrats in 2022:

“No one is coming out and saying she’s doing an amazing job, because the first question would be ‘On what?’” acknowledged one Harris ally. “She’s made a bunch of mistakes and she’s made herself a story for good and bad.”