Harris is nowhere to be found as Biden admin takes reputation hits

Vice President Kamala Harris appears to be keeping a low profile as the Biden administration is taking some serious reputation hits. 

According to a report in Breitbart News, Harris has “effectively vanished from public view after returning from her trip to Asia” as Biden is struggling with virtually every major issue in the country. 

The publication outlined a troubling timeline of events for anyone who believed Harris would be there to support the aging president as he took on running one of the most powerful nations in the world. 

According to Breitbart, Harris ” effectively ghosted the Biden White House” after returning to the states on August 26.

Since that time, and for the last 12 days, the VP has kept herself out of sight and out of mind, with the small exception of a ceremony where she swore in U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar on Thursday.

Harris, who was herself a failed presidential candidate and didn’t have a particularly warm and fuzzy relationship with voters, was lauded as the first woman in a position of such prominence. 

The former senator from California was also, however, suspected of potentially being groomed to take over for Biden, should he be deemed incapable of running the country. 

Recent calls for the president to be removed from office have again raised questions about Biden’s viability in the Oval Office, and combined with Harris not having appeared with Biden since Aug. 20, has Americans suspicious.

The Vice President has dodged questions from reporters on key issues and is overall making Americans who were unwilling to voter her into office, uncomfortable about what she and DNC strategists might be planning.