Harris heckled for speech following July 4th shooting

Vice President Kamala Harris was heckled on social media for her speech following the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, where, according to some reports, she refused to address the situation with the appropriate tone. 

According to a report from The Blaze, Harris “wants you to know that we seriously have to take serious stuff super seriously, and, sadly, we’re being perfectly serious — the vice president of the United States has made yet another seriously embarrassing speech.”

This isn’t the first instance of such a problem. The nation’s vice president has earned a reputation for her unseemly propensity to sound like a broken record.

“Like the excruciatingly awkward interview she had with MSNBC’s Joy Reid during which she kept repeating the word “joy.” Or the odd instance when, in less than 30 seconds, she reiterated “the significance of the passage of time” four times.

And who could forget the odd “word salad” address in which she rambled on and on while repeating the word “work together” six times?

Harris seemed to be trying to persuade us all that she’s taking “this stuff” seriously during a statement she made on Wednesday regarding the sad mass shooting that occurred on the Fourth of July in Highland Park, Illinois.

“We have to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are, because you have been forced to take this seriously,” Harris stated.

The vice president was immediately and quite “seriously” lambasted on Twitter:

“Better Kamala: The seriousness of what happened here is, by it’s very nature, serious. When we evaluate the seriousness of a situation like this, we can come to only one conclusion; that this is a serious situation and it requires serious consideration from serious people,” said one commenter.

“Being serious is seriously a serious concern and people need to seriously be serious on these serious issues,” said another commenter.

“Is she given a key word/phrase of the day to use and given extra points for the number of times it is used?” asked another. “Or do her speech writers play a drinking game with the key word/phrase of the day?”