Harris gives cringeworthy performance in video promoting scientific exploration

Known for cringeworthy cackles and evasive interview answers, Vice President Kamala Harris took the embarassment meter up several notches last week with her appearance in a video produced to help celebrate World Space Week, as the New York Post reports.

In the YouTube production designed to bolster interest in science among America’s youth, Harris waxed poetic about the marvels of space exploration while surrounded by a group of school-aged kids.

“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” Harris said with a theatrical flourish, adding, “There’s other things that we just haven’t figured out or discovered yet.”

Attempting to drum up excitement for what the children might see when treated to a look through the high-powered telescope at her official residence at the Naval Observatory, Harris said, with undue dramatic flair, “You guys are gonna see, you’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes,” apparently unaware that the moon’s craters can be viewed by the naked eye as well. WATCH:

Though the video’s content clearly belied the vice president’s presumably knowledgeable status as chair of the National Space Council, it was actually the over-the-top, juvenile manner in which she spoke to her guests that drew widespread mockery on social media.

Twitter user Joanne Mason offered a pointed take on Harris’ star turn, saying, “It comes across as a trailer from a movie where the fun and engaging teacher is secretly a serial killer who collects the heads of the children she takes to Space Camp.”

Even more biting in her reaction to the video, Republican Rep. Lauren Bobert of Colorado posited, “She’s not allowed to speak to adults anymore,” as the Post further noted.

Appointed to chair the aforementioned National Space Council back in May, Harris pledged to put her “personal stamp” on the body as it worked to coordinate space policy matters across the breadth of the federal government, it is worth noting that the group still has yet to meet under the vice president’s leadership.