Harris Faulkner, morning host on Fox News, wins prestigious broadcasting award

Fox News host Harris Faulkner, a prominent morning and afternoon personality on the highly-rated cable news network, received amazing news last week that had her fans cheering.

According to Fox News, Faulker was selected by the Multicultural Media and Correspondents Association as Broadcast Journalist of the Year during its annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner and Summit, which was held at the Washington D.C.-based National Press Club on Thursday. 

The organization holds the annual banquet to reward BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) journalists and news industry executives with a number of prestigious awards, including the one Faulkner won.

Upon accepting the impressive award, Faulkner gave those in attendance her view of the media world, while detailing her history and how she ended up a successful Black cable news host, adding that her success is not simply based on the color of her skin.

“The road to get to this point, has never been just about my race, ethnicity, culture or any of the immutable or unchangeable demographics. The main ingredients are critically more powerful than that. I was born and raised on military bases across the US and even Stuttgart, Germany,” Faulkner said.

She added: “I am the daughter of an amazing officer’s wife and kindergarten teacher and social worker whose family was a mix of Haitian and Native American. And I’m the daughter of a military combat pilot who came from the sticks of east Texas. My parents taught me that our skin color and hair texture will always identify us to people who choose only to see that.”

“But, we must work hard to ensure our success reflects our individual gifts, diversity of thought and experience,” Faulkner said.

A number of Fox News executives joined Faulkner in attendance at the banquet, along with some of her colleagues, including the award-winning Bret Baier.

Faulkner is a prime contradiction to the Democrats’ narrative that Black people in America are oppressed and have no chance at success without “equity.” As Faulkner noted, a little hard work, determination, and a winner’s attitude can bring success for anyone in America, no matter their race or gender.