Harris decries America’s ‘racism,’ ‘xenophobia’ in wake of Atlanta attack

Never missing an opportunity to stoke racial grievances – irrespective of the facts – Democrats have been attempting to make political hay out of a tragic murder spree that occurred at Atlanta massage parlors earlier this week in which six individuals of Asian descent were killed.

Leading the current charge to declare America a country characterized by racism, sexism and xenophobia is Vice President Kamala Harris who, together with President Joe Biden, visited Emory University on Friday to show support for the Asian American community, as Breitbart reported.

The aforementioned killings happened at the hand of a 21-year-old white man named Robert Aaron Long, who reportedly told law enforcement officials that his actions were not racially motivated, but were the result of his ongoing sexual addiction and his desire to eliminate local sources of temptation, according to the Associated Press.

As Forbes reported, FBI Director Christopher Wray told NPR that indeed, the shootings in Atlanta did not appear to be linked to race, supporting local law enforcement indications that the suspect’s sexual addition, not any particularized racial bias, was the motivation.

Even so, those on the left have ramped up efforts to use the incident as a springboard to pontificate on what they say is a broader pattern of anti-Asian hate crimes spurred by the coronavirus pandemic and to blame former President Donald Trump for referring to COVID-19 as the “China virus,” with Harris jumping on the bandwagon by telling her Atlanta audience:

For the last year, we’ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian Americans, people with the biggest pulpits, spreading this kind of hate.

Transparently and cynically using the tragedy to make a broader ideological point, Harris declared, “Racism is real in America and it always has been. Xenophobia is real in America and always has been. Sexism, too.”

President Biden also spoke at the event, linking the massage parlor attacks to what he says is a larger, worrisome anti-Asian sentiment bubbling up across the nation, saying:

Too many Asian Americans have been walking up and down the streets and worrying, waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety and the safety of their loved ones are at stake.

They’ve been attacked, blamed, scapegoated, harassed. They’ve been verbally assaulted, physically assaulted, killed.

It is certainly true that at least one part of the country has seen an uptick in attacks on Asian Americans, as the San Francisco Bay area has reported a number of troubling incidents in recent months. The most recent of these to make the news was a deadly sidewalk assault on a 75-year-old Asian man in which two Black men have since been charged, but which apparently did not merit specific commentary from the president or vice president.

Harris’ remarks in Atlanta are sadly illustrative of an unshakable determination on the part of the left – uncritically aided by the mainstream media – to never let a crisis go to waste when it comes to fanning the flames of racial strife and to never let facts get in the way of their narrative.

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  1. Agree with all posts! Why doesn’t Everyone stop with the racist crap? It just shows how many bigots are out there shouting racist! THEY are the racists! Anything to belittle and discriminate against another person, no matter the person’s color! We are all “ people of color” and many different colors. That is the human race! Get over it!

  2. Harris she is a racist,I can’t understand why her white Husband and his kids stay with her when she hated whites, If she was my wife or stepmom I will disowned her as a human being, she’s a liar she work her way up and I don’t mean she cross her legs,she spread her legs wide- open and over her head

  3. It us my understanding that 8 people died but we only hete of the 6 Asian women, what is the race of the other 2 that died or dies there race not matter. It is the fake news and our racist leaders that are fueling the racism. If they would keep their noses out of it or report as it was a needless shooting by a mentally ill person we wouldnt have near the racism that they want us to believe is out there

  4. Tramp SNAKE Harris should be standing on the corner of 5th and main , snorting crack , begging to accept jism !!!!

  5. Which race is she referring to, there are so many races in the United States how can anyone be racist. They seemingly are racist against anyone with fair skin whether they are English, Russian, French, German, Polish, Swedish, Irish. Danish etc etc claiming racism against anyone with darker skin, Italian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Brazilian, African, etc, etc we are all Americans, so stop trying to categorize us.

  6. I am already sick of her. She either says stupid things or giggles on tough questions. She needs to stop talking about the same old issue on racism. Grow up work to make the country a team of all colors of people. She should be talking about fixing the boarder or fixing the stupid things her boss says. We have enough people in this country that build walls between the people. She has played both sides of the fence for years. She even called her boss a racist.

  7. Totally agree with each of these comments. If they would just listen to Morgan Freeman and just drop it! Most of the rest of us are level headed loving people and just care about everyone the same with a few exceptions, like binLaden or Timothy McVey, or Ted Bundy. You know the type. I’ve called the German measles the German measles all my life and never thought about hating anyone from Germany except maybe Hitler. These people we have now as our ‘leaders’ are drama majors, immature, even at their ages, and very unprofessional. Not to mention obviously unqualified and unprepared.

  8. old heels up Harris is another one that’s got a thing for president trummp she just can’t stop using his name for everything that goes on that they cause…their even blaming the border crisis on trump…after they took the border down …f**** morons!!!!

  9. The Woman is a California produced slut. She (Heals Up Harris) screwed her way to the top. She’s dumber then a Mop.
    The real issue is the people that need to read this publication and others like it don’t have the intelligence to locate and handle the contents. In other words democraps. To do some good each of us need to go one on one with these morons on every occasion possible. Don’t back down. They’re all looking for the next free handout and don’t known the difference between the Constitution and the Toilet Paper next to their favorite seat.
    Has anyone watched what’s going on in Miami carefully?

  10. Sadly a man was attacked at the metro in NY and beaten, in his 60’s with stage 4 cancer. They got the man and it was a young black man. Can we say it is racist and because of Trump? No it was someone that chose to do evil and got caught. Pray for those who have been attacked and families involved. I don’t know why Democrats love to use death and critical situations as opportunity to blame others instead of really being concerned about the victims and their families. It sure wouldn’t make me feel cared for when they use it for political reasons. Democrats go the memorial services and get up talking about their hate for Trump/Bush and whoever. Where is our morals and empathy today for others. If you go to Atlanta to console these people then console them and not use it to try to destroy someone else!!

  11. How many Asians work there…?This idiot was going to do that whether they were black white Asian or Indian…This society is race baiting like kids going after Easter candy…

  12. Check the facts madam VP, facts from the 1800’s (see NPR article from 2017)
    Maybe she should take a “Racist” screening!

    Any violent act against any person (no matter their color or origin or beliefs) is WRONG !
    (try referring to the Bible or whatever “faith based” you align yourself with)

  13. Someone with the limited political experience she has and how she did get her position says a lot about her and what America can expect!!! Wait till biden is gone and we have to deal with her!!! She can smoke pot but not the rest on America??? She is one of the better examples of a racist we have right now!!

  14. Hey Piglosi, where you at? Isn’t San Francisco your territory??? You afraid they may raid your $25,000 fridge!

  15. The biggest racists are blacks in the msm and the entire white house dimwits. the demorats have always kept minorities down by pushing freebies, not jobs.

      1. she should hide her face in shame, and likely that will happen down the road!!! Watch for it!!

    1. I would not touch her with a hundred foot pole! I wonder if the germs even live in that POS! I wish these websites would stop posting her picture(as well as Biden, Obummer and Clintuss) because my computer locks up just about every time when I can’t get it of my screen!

    1. Come on Harris is just starting things she’s trying to add gas to the fire if anything happens like the civil war I will blame her and Biden

    2. She is a pos. The black people are the racist. She is a ho and will always be one. America is made fun of because the pedofile and the ho. We need to get rid of every democrat. They are evil.

      1. Racist Harris has always hated white people!!!!
        “Toes-up Camel toe Harris “ has slept her way to the top and she should be exposed!!!!!
        DUMBOCRATS are idiots!!!!!

    3. BIG MOUTH for a former family member of Slave Owners
      in Jamaica!
      Her father stated that they big White Guy with a whip to
      keep the slaves in line!!

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