Hannity: Kamala should be replaced

Fox’s Sean Hannity made a bold announcement on his Fox show – Kamala Harris, the sitting vice-president of the United States, should be replaced.

“In fact, no vice president in U.S. history has a lower approval rating than Kamala Harris,” Hannity said. “Maybe that’s because the vice president is terrible at her job … Ever since she was appointed border czar nine months ago, Harris has done nothing to resolve the crisis.”

“Yet another massive caravan … is headed our way and Kamala Harris has no plan of action, no resolution, no future plans to visit the border, absolutely nothing,” Hannity said. “By the way … is anybody surprised? According to reports, Harris often refuses to read briefings, is frequently unprepared for … daily challenges … as vice president.”

“Instead of actually doing her job, The border czar now spends countless hours berating her own staff, according to numerous reports. Allegedly, Kamala Harris is such a menace that some are openly referring to her as a soul-destroying bully. Ouch,” Hannity said.

“Now, of course, amid lashing out at her own employees, Kamala also found time to redecorate her own office with carefully curated art pieces … Apparently, according to Kamala, the border crisis can wait. Her office was in desperate need of a makeover.”

It seems that Americans agree with Hannity, as shown by Kamala’s dismal approval ratings, ranging from the high 30’s to high 20’s.