Hand recount finds hundreds of votes for Republican candidates

A new report shows that results counted by a machine in Windham, New Hampshire are thought likely to vary substantially from those that were later recounted by hand according to The Daily Wire

Differences in the way the town folded the mailed-in ballots prior to sending them to voters being blamed for the differences, according to a recent audit cited by the publication.

Election-day totals excluded some of the irregularly folded ballots, and some were counted as extra votes for the local Democratic candidate.

“[A]uditors investigating the election in the town of Windham believe a folding machine used by the town to try to accommodate the numbers of absentee ballots in the November election is responsible for mistakenly adding to vote counts for candidates in four legislative seats,” NBC Boston reported.

The group that is responsible for the vote audit, which was called for after State House candidate Kristi St. Laurent lost her race, said that there was “no evidence of fraud or political bias” was found. 

“The town used the machine to fold the absentee ballots before sending them to voters. After they were returned, the ballots were fed into a counting machine,” the NBC report stated.

Because the folds on some ballots went through a Democrats name, the ballot was either not counted or a vote was wrongly given to the Democrat.”

None of the local race outcomes were changed due to the recount and the same candidates that were shown as winners on election day were found to be winners after the recount, though Republicans gained between 297 and 303 votes each, while three Democrats gained between 18 and 28 votes each.

Election audits are also currently taking place in a number of counties throughout the nation, including Maricopa Country, Arizona, and Fulton County, Georgia.