Haitian President Jovenel Moïse killed on Wednesday

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was killed Wednesday around 1 a.m. in a gun attack at his home outside Port-au-Prince according to The New York Post

The four “mercenaries” believed to be responsible for Moïse’s death were killed on Wednesday night by police and two others were arrested after a gun battle, according to officials. 

In addition to killing the Haitian president, three officers were held hostage by the presumed killers but were later set free during the standoff by law enforcement. 

Haiti’s police chief, Léon Charles spoke to the press, updating the public on the state of the pursuit of suspects in the president’s death and the officers affected: 

“We blocked them en route as they left the scene of the crime. Since then, we have been battling with them,” Charles said in a televised statement. “They will be killed or apprehended.”

Charles was correct, and the believed assassins who were called “foreign mercenaries” were also described by Bocchit Edmond, Haiti’s ambassador to the US, as “well-trained professional commandos.”

Officials feared that the group might have already fled the country after carrying out their plan to destabilizing the presidential position by killing Moïse. It was discovered that the “mercenaries” attempted to pass themselves off as agents of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Following the assassination of Moïse, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph closed Haiti’s borders and enacted martial law in the already unstable country that is plagued by gang violence, surging inflation and political protests,” the Post reported. 

It was reported that first lady Martine Moïse was also wounded in the attack and subsequently flown to Miami for treatment for her condition and has since been listed as being in critical but stable condition.