Hackers reportedly discover high-ranking FBI contacts in Hunter Biden’s iPhone

Over the weekend, a hacker collective known as 4Chan claimed that it had accessed the iCloud backup of one of Hunter Biden’s iPhones, and the data that was discovered on the phone is mind-blowing, to say the very least.

According to PJMedia, Hunter Biden’s phone was full of interesting contacts, including one that reportedly might even be FBI’s Cyber Division Section Chief Michael Harrington.

Even more eye-popping was the description typed in the notes of that particular contact profile, which stated, “Only contact if absolutely necessary.”

But Harrington’s contact card wasn’t a one-off, as the phone reportedly contained the contact info of yet another high-ranking FBI agent, Herb Stapleton, the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director for the Cyber Capabilities Branch of the Cyber Division.

Hunter Biden’s hacked iPhone surfaced more than just peculiar FBI contacts, though. Several videos were leaked from the phone, including one from a trio of prostitutes that Hunter allegedly ordered. The women were taking an Amtrak train to his location, and some believe that Hunter could be on the hook for prostitution charges as a result.

A sizeable trove of illicit pictures, many of them depicting a barely-clothed or completely naked Hunter Biden with women, drugs, and booze, was leaked from the phone as well.

Only time will tell if the mainstream press decides to dig in this time around, and with the way they’ve been angling President Joe Biden in a negative light recently, it’s not out of the question that they pounce on this one.