Gutfeld slams mainstream media for not correcting previously botched or fake stories

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, who co-hosts The Five and helms his own nightly program called Gutfeld!, is not known for holding back when taking on the rest of the mainstream media, which continues to provide endless amounts of comedy relief for the newsman.

As Fox News reported, Gutfeld recently exposed the media for completely dropping the ball on stories to further a particular narrative, knowing full well that when the truth finally emerges, they do not have to revisit that story and correct their take on it. 

“Why is that?” Gutfeld asked. “Because how can you revisit a story that already made you look like an ass.

Gutfeld went on to provide a number of examples of the mainstream media getting stories completely wrong and never bothering to run updates on them as soon as the truth comes out, like the Jussie Smollett case, for example, which now looks as though the Empire actor is in deep legal trouble for his hoax hate crime.

“That’s America today?” Gutfeld said, after playing a video montage of numerous CNN and MSNBC reporters sympathizing with Smollett in 2019. “If you work at CNN, a******. It’s not America at all. It’s amazing, they fell for Smollett the way Dana fell for David Hasselhoff in the 80s – very, very hard. And they continue to distort the case.”

Gutfeld added: “It’s tough to come back from such fake news, and then report the real story, cuz you have to admit how stupid you are. The media should call in sick on April Fool’s Day.”

He pointed to other prime examples, such as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct scandal, and other front-page news issues that most of the media refuses to give attention to because, as Gutfeld stated, would certainly make them look stupid.

“See, it’s easy to track of all of their mistakes. Just look at the stories not being reported. Those are the big stories they got wrong before. And so they intentionally misread things, knowing they can get away with it,” Gutfeld concluded.

Thankfully, we still have truthtellers, like Gutfeld, in the media today. If we didn’t, there’s no telling just how far the liberal mainstream media would go.