Guatamalan President reveals in exclusive Fox News interview that there has been no communication between him and Kamala Harris

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei dropped a bombshell about Vice President Kamala Harris during an exclusive interview with Fox News on Wednesday. 

Giammattei told Fox News’s John Roberts that Vice President Harris hasn’t talked to him since her trip to South America in June.

Giammattei said, “We had many conversations with your ambassador, but [between] my presidency and the White House, no. I spoke once to Joe Biden because I introduced myself. Then we had the visit of Vice President Harris. On matters of state and migration, we had Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas. Aside from that direct communication, no we have not had it.”

The revelations presented during the interview are shocking considering the rhetoric from the White House about solving the root cause of the border troubles.

Vice President Harris justified her refusal to visit the border by claiming she would work with South and Central American countries to solve the factors driving the migration north.

It turns out that was all meaningless, and Vice President Kamala Harris had no intention of working with anyone to fix the border crisis.

Giammattei continued saying, “I am not the same ideology of the current administration. They expressed great happiness with the change that recently occurred in the election inside Honduras with the new president-elect.”

Giammattei made it clear that there is a major disconnect between him and the Biden administration.

The crisis on the southern border has only grown worse, and the Biden administration is refusing to cooperate with Southern and Central America, as well as refusing to secure the southern border.