Growing calls for Biden to step aside in 2024 for more competitive nominee: Report

It’s never easy for a person or a group to admit that they were wrong, but that seems to be what’s happening — finally — in some Democratic Party circles with regard to the possibility of President Joe Biden, 79, seeking a second term in the White House.

That’s not simply a right-leaning media view, exclusively, anymore. In a bombshell New York Times piece published over the weekend, top Democratic Party officials were quoted as saying that it’s probably time for Biden to step aside when 2024 rolls around to allow for a more competitive candidate.

Democrats will likely already have yet another monumentally challenging election season when 2024 comes around, as the hot-button issues like the economy and the southern border crisis likely still won’t be solved by then.

That’s not to mention the fact that the Republican Party has two heavy-hitters on deck — former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — that will require the Democrats to bring their A-game to the 2024 campaign season, and Biden is far from A-game level at this point.

The NYT piece quoted a number of officials saying loud and clear that Biden is one and done.

“Democrats need fresh, bold leadership for the 2024 presidential race,” Shelia Huggins, a DNC member from North Carolina said. “That can’t be Biden.”

“To say our country was on the right track would flagrantly depart from reality,” said Democratic National Committee (DNC) member Steve Simeonidis. “[Biden] should announce his intent not to seek re-election in ’24 right after the midterms.”

Predictably, no top elected Democrats had the courage to go on record and call out Biden for his failures, or call for him to step aside after his first term, though as time moves on and the party gets stomped in the November midterms, that could be a trendy new development. Only time will tell.

Democrats are in serious trouble, and the sooner they come to grips with reality, in the sense that Biden is one of the party’s biggest mistakes in decades, the faster they can try to get back on track and regain the trust of the American people.