Group spearheaded by Trump admin alums scores legal win against Biden

Though former President Donald Trump is no longer in the Oval Office, the policies he championed continue to win vindication through the efforts of a legal advocacy group founded by several of his top advisors, with the latest victory coming at the expense of a key Biden administration initiative, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Earlier this year, Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor in the Trump administration, launched the America First Legal Group (AFL) as a means to mount opposition to the Biden administration’s agenda and to “stop the constant onslaught from the radical left in Washington” by way of the court system.

According to the Examiner, the legal group has attracted the likes of former Trump Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and it recently notched favorable outcomes in three cases that together prompted a halt to a racially discriminatory COVID-19 relief program designed by the current administration.

Under Biden’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund initiative, entities negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic were invited to apply for federal financia assistance, but there would be a 21-day window at the beginning of the application period in which businesses owned by veterans, women, or “socially and economically disadvantaged” racial or ethnic groups would receive priority.

Filing three suits in two federal district courts, the AFL obtained rulings that the program utilized unconstitutional racial criteria in the review of funding applicants. In the matter filed in the Northern District of Texas, Judge Reed O’Conner declared that the plaintiffs “are suffering a continuing and irreparable injury based on the direct, lingering effects of the race-based, sex-based discriminatory application process,” and he issued a preliminary injunction halting the use of those criteria.

Miller hailed the results, asserting that the president has “inflicted needless pain and suffering on countless Americans through its deplorable and unconstitutional scheme that sent restaurant owners – on the basis of their race – to the back of the line for a limited pool of funds.”

“The AFL is immensely proud of its vital work to stop this insidious and lawless attack on civil rights – and to fight for policies that judge Americans based on objective qualifications, and never based on their skin color,” Miller added.

Underscoring the group’s continued commitment to fighting back against any future attempts to discriminate on the basis of race, Miller stated, “This order is another powerful strike against the Biden administration’s unconstitutional decision to pick winners and losers based on the color of their skin…AFL will not relent in our mission to restore and protect civil rights and the sacred principle of equality under the law for all Americans. The Biden administration is officially on notice.”

The initial successes of the AFL – together with Miller’s own pledge to persevere in the fight to counter the lawlessness of the Biden administration – offers a renewed sense of hope to all those who are committed to the principles of equality and justice on which the nation was founded.