Group of 46 retired US military leaders urge Biden to forget a nuclear deal with Iran

While the world might still be focused on Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration has quietly worked to reestablish the Iran nuclear seal that was originally negotiated by former President Barack Obama, and later withdrawn from by former President Donald Trump.

However, this time around, a growing number of leaders, including 46 leaders and commanders in the U.S. military, are greatly concerned over the Biden administration’s attempt to restart a deal with the rogue, state sponsor of terrorism. The 46 retired military leaders said as much in a gravely serious letter addressed to the president. 

“In Ukraine, we are bearing witness to the horrors of a country ruthlessly attacking its neighbor and, by brandishing its nuclear weapons, forcing the rest of the world largely to stand on the sidelines,” the letter began.

It went on: “The new Iran deal currently being negotiated, which Russia has played a central role in crafting, will enable the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism to cast its own nuclear shadow over the Middle East.”

Perhaps most concerning in the letter were the leaders’ assessment of what a new Biden version of the Iran nuclear deal could mean for the United States and the entire world.

They wrote that a new deal “Could leave Iran twice as close to a nuclear weapon as the 2015 agreement,” adding that it “will permit Iran, by 2024, to build advanced centrifuges with which it can enrich even more uranium even faster.”

The group of concerned leaders also added that Biden’s deal “would, if Iranian demands are met, take the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps—Iran’s main terrorist wing responsible for the deaths of at least 600 American troops—off the U.S. terrorist list.”

In other words, this new version of a deal is extremely bad news, and if it has some of the toughest leaders this nation has ever known worried, then the Biden administration needs to start listening to their concerns.