Greg Norman has been hospitalized with Covid

Greg Norman is one of the most beloved sports stars of all time.

Now, millions of fans just received the news that their hero is in the hospital with coronavirus.


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Fox reports:

Norman’s son, Greg Norman Jr., also said on social media that he and his wife, Michelle, have tested positive. The Normans played in the father-son PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida, last weekend.

The elder Norman said Thursday that he had flu-like symptoms, including a mild fever, a cough, aches and pains, and a mild headache. He said he took a virus test Tuesday that came back negative, but he was in self-quarantine anyway.

He was apparently admitted to a hospital Friday, sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed and another of a medical professional in head-to-toe personal protective equipment.

“It’s been an ugly one,” Norman said Thursday. “I for one am looking forward to getting out of this quarantine and looking forward to building whatever the great future is for 2021 and beyond.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of modern medicine, we’ve had great success in fighting the virus. Let’s hope Mr. Norman makes a full and swift recovery.

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    1. Don’t care for this self centered person… left his wife after 30 some years for that tennis player and it lasted less than a year. AND then he goes out and plays golf with hundreds of others… YOUR OWN FAULT NORMAN ! Seems like your life is just ONE big bad choice after choice.

  1. Greg, I enjoyed watching you in many golf tournaments through the years. I hope you and family get this covid-19 quickly.
    Stay safe.

  2. It is the Seasonal Flu I had it, same systems I took oil of oregano, High doses of Vitamin C and Zinc, elderberry other herbs
    I had the same Flu 3 years ago. Any Flu causes problems.
    Got over it 10 days
    My Brother got it same thing. It’s the time of the year.
    We haven’t heard about the season flu and how many people have it or got it!
    Covid-19 is just what is reported and really how many people think it’s the Covid-19 and it is just the Winter time Flu!

  3. I rake it that most of you have never watched the golfers on TV iv the early 2000’s. That’s when you would have known who Greg Norman was. He was a great golfer from Australia, “the land down under”.

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