Greg Gutfeld: Kamala’s border strategy would have been rejected if Trump had proposed it

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had some choice words for Vice President Kamala Harris’ message to Central Americans according to Fox News.

Harris recently advised Guatemalans not to make the journey north to the United States for the purpose of illegal immigration.

“You will be turned back” Harris said while on a trip to Guatemala, telling locals and other Northern Triangle residents who are known to migrate to the southern border of the United States and attempt to cross the border illegally.

Gutfeld made his comments on “The Five” about how he believed it would have been seen if former President Donald Trump had traveled to another country and made the same comments.

“Kamala’s motto should be ‘she’s not VP, she’s ‘why me,” the Fox host said. Gutfeld went on to explain he thinks Harris’ position is so prevarious because “technically she is now officially a racist because, how could her saying what she said to Guatemala be construed any differently because if anyone said that 6 months ago, if she viewed it through the filter of race, they would be racist.”

“If you had a strong, forceful position on the border, which most Republicans do, you are a bad person, you were racist—so now she gets to power and she sounds like a Republican,” he added.

Gutfeld was drawing viewers’ attention to how different statements are perceived when they’re said by a Republican or by a Democrat.

However, Harris hasn’t gone completely unchecked and has suffered some criticism from the press who can’t quite overlook the entire body of Harris’ contradictions and inconsistencies.

Gutfeld poked fun at Harris pointing out that she was one of the first Democratic candidates to bow out of the 2020 race saying, “Who did they choose instead of her? A really old White guy who knew somebody in the Klan.”