Greg Gutfeld: Democrats are allowing an ‘authoritarian utopia’ to be formed under Biden

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld didn’t pull any punches during his remarks about the Biden administration’s attempt to gain more access to banking records. 

The host of “The Five” claimed that Democrats are allowing the Biden administration to push the country toward an “authoritarian utopia” and they’re not stepping up to stop it.

“How did this happen?” he asked. “The media has constantly obsessed with authoritarianism as though it comes from the right. That’s because they are not part of the right and hate Republicans,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld’s rage was stoked by the news that Democrats and the media were acting as if the Biden administration was doing Americans a favor by increasing the threshold of transaction data they wish to receive from banks from $600 to $10,000 dollars.

The Fox host was outraged at even the $10,000 threshold, however, claiming that Democrats never would have stood for it if former President Donald Trump had asked for the same concessions.

“Before Trump, it was Bush, before Bush, it was Reagan…but when you look at it,” Gutfeld went on, “they [mainstream media organizations] missed the impulse of the left. It is there… I can’t imagine Trump wanting to snoop through people’s bank accounts. No Republican would do it.

Gutfeld pleaded with his viewers to look at the situation objectively, saying that they should take a “step back” and look at what Democrats are really accomplishing with their push for more and more information and control over Americans’ lives and money.

According to the television host, the latest Democratic initiatives that should be troubling include, ” speech codes on campuses, vaccine mandates, targeting parents who are just trying to protect their kids from crappy education…”

“We are barreling towards an authoritarian utopia,” he reiterated, “and there’s not a single Republican fingerprint on it. It’s all academics, it is all politicians, progressives, and ‘wokesters.’”