Grand jury tasked with investigating Trump in NYC has ‘fizzled out,’ no charges

Former President Donald Trump has once again escaped another Democrat-led witch hunt, in particular one that involved a six-month-long grand jury in New York, which sought to investigate wrongdoings with Trump’s company there.

As The Washington Post reported the latest development, the grand jury has been unable to bring any charges, whatsoever, against the former president, and the whole debacle appears to be “fizzling out” with nothing more to show than wasted time and taxpayer dollars.

New York County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (D) originally tried to bring charges against Trump for “manipulating the values of his properties in order to gain tax advantages and favorable loan rates.”

Vance’s term had ended with no charges ever finalized against the 45th president. The investigation was then handed down to Alvin Bragg, Vance’s successor, who was given the duty of deciding whether or not to carry on the investigation, only to pause it instead.

Many on social media cheered the latest development, but noted that it wasn’t surprising, given that Trump was simply not guilty of what Vance, a political opportunist and anti-Trump activist, accused him of being guilty of.

“Still, the expiration of the grand jury — and the departure in February of two senior prosecutors who said Bragg was stalling the inquiry — makes any potential indictment of Trump seem unlikely, legal observers have said,” The Post noted in its report.

It added: “By the time Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne quit, the grand jury had been inactive for weeks, with jurors being told to stay home, a person with knowledge of the issue previously said.”

At least the end of this probe, which is one of many, it seems, at any given time against the former president, will allow Trump to focus on the upcoming 2022 midterms so that he can help as many Republican candidates as possible win their elections.