Graham: Impeachment is collapsing and will be over soon

Senator Lindsey Graham has had a front-row seat during the entire impeachment show trial, and so he’s as qualified as anyone to judge how it’s going.

“This thing is collapsing before their eyes, and the not-guilty vote is growing, so it’ll be over by Sunday, I hope, for the good of country,” Graham told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

“The not-guilty vote is growing after today,” he added. “I think most Republicans found the presentation by the House managers offensive and absurd. We all know what happened at the Capitol was terrible. I hope everybody involved that broke into the Capitol goes to jail, but I don’t remember any of these House managers saying a damn thing when they were trying to break into my house and going after Susan Collins and spitting on all of us.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Graham appeared to reference a mid-September incident in which dozens of protesters banged on pots and pans outside of the senator’s Washington, D.C., home to “wake him up” in the dead of night. He also mentioned threats levied against Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins during the 2018 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

I hope for America’s sake that Graham is right.

Watch here:

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  3. The fundamental basis of this Nation’s law was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from teaching which we get from Exodus and Apostle Matthew, from Isaiah and Apostle Paul… If we don’t have the proper fundamental moral background, we will finaly wind up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody exept the “state.”
    History repeats them self: Remember, MAO, STALIN, HITLER,

  4. Enough of this Impeachment …The ones that SHOULD BE IMPEACHED is the whole Democratic Party…they have been instigating a “war zone” ever since Trump took office…They could NOT stand the loss!! They are NOW throwing our beloved America into the Pits…Yes, the DEMOCRATS WANT WAR!!!
    Biden is their Patsy…He has no presidential qualities…and they “knew” it…just a forefront for them…an easy prey!! How long will we have to “put up” with Pelosi and her crew…They are a shameful lot…God Please Bless America…

    1. now we know what i was trying to explain to our country about the left wing communist democrat party .the day may 15 2016 the democrat party told the world if Trump become president the democrat would impeach him .in the year 2020the house speaker told the world if Trump become president in 2021 she would call the united nation and have him removed ,and she was so sure he would not win the president in 2021 ,if he won she would leave the house senate for good .,tell me why in the world we could vote so many demons in the democrat party just full of hate .,now Biden wants to open the gates of hell and let the have not,s live off our hard work ?you know the reason he shut down our oil production because he can make more money from russia and o pack him and his family can get richer this my story and i am sticking with it

    1. are the dems stupid or what?? You’d think they would be ashamed to keep losing!!! They try every stupid trick to bend the truth but they can’t the TRUTH wins out every time..If only they could work with the Republicans and actually do what they are paid to do-Get things done For the American people!!!!

  5. Well gee I am really surprised that is dog and pony show was a complete failure again, wonder who is next of the democrats list

  6. It’s good to vent but remember where it counts was our right to vote and that the vote should be fair.That’s all changed now how can I ever trust my vote counts again, I think this is how change starts. If you want fairness then you must take a stand!

  7. Thank you Senator Graham for doing a great job along with Senator Scott. You
    Both did a good job protecting President Trump

  8. With all this dog and pony show where is the supposed defender of the Constitution, those who swore an oath to defend that vital document of freedom, the military! Are they going to continue to let an illegal government continue to tear our grand Republiic down. We have an fake president and Vice President plus at least 5 senators elected on stolen votes, where is the military? My brother spent 26 years in the military and stands by that valued oath he took to that freedom document, he is sick to his stomach that his military and a handful of RINOs and leftist democrats is allowing a president and Vice President and at least 5 senators elected on stolen votes tare down our great nation. General Milley gave great speech about that valued oath — is he no better than the congress, is that oath nothing more than words to him. General stand up and save our Republic! The dog and pony show is nothing but BS, showing that our politicians do not care about our country and its citizens.

  9. For the life of me, I can not figure out what the Left thinks they are doing inviting Hispanics in like they were all Gold Gems. You would think that at least one of them would be smart enough to realize that when their total numbers are large enough, they will vote in their own man as President and there totally goes the USA for sure. Hopefully we can take back the house or Senate in 2022. First we have to try and beat their voting machine by what ever means we have to use. I am afraid that if Biden keeps up that we may very well have a Civil war…

    1. its not the machines its the mail in counting after nov 3rd. its BS nobody verified the the voters on the mail in ballads

  10. Everyone has opinions trying to get younger and older people from different parties to come together is probably the beginning if actual civil war, I hope not but better be ready.

  11. Joe Biden explicitly promised at the outset of his presidency that any staff members who displayed disrespect of their colleagues would be immediately fired. In mid-January, Biden announced that staffers and appointees would be dismissed with “no ifs, ands, or buts,” if they treated any of their colleagues with disrespect.

    CApparently, reporters don’t count.

  12. This was a Soviet style “show trial”, carried off as a Hollywood B Movie, a real dog & pony show—-with it’s underlying goal to be controlling the narrative and keeping Biden’s destructive Executive Orders off the FRONT PAGE. #1 Keystone Pipeline spells two things right off the bat: China will get Canada’s oil—or a hundred thousand truck tankers will pollute the air—un counted jobs lost; but more importantly the United States will go back to being ENERGY DEPENDENT—Russia wins as it’s #1 exports are gas and oil—-need I go on about the INVASION at Our Southern Border?

    1. Why isn’t Biden impeached for encouraging the invasion?
      Of course the media refers to it as a “surge”.

      Like calling WW2 a “misunderstanding “!

      1. You’ve got it!!! I want to know how he and his half-bred hussie have not been impeached!!! Beijing Joe is hurting us left and right!!! She incited the BLM destruction this late summer, so, how is it that Kamila half bred is allowed to be V. P.????

  13. to bruce and ed, if your comments are negative against Trump and positive for CONGRESS especially the DEMOCRAPS, PLEASE GO TO HELL and STAY of this website.

  14. That’s right !!!!
    Shameless POS website
    Nobody should even try to put any comments!
    Everything will be cancelled unless it has nice things to say about the corrupt morons we have as “ leaders” !!!!!

    Shame !!!!!

  15. So, they’re wasting all of this taxpayer money on this fiasco when many other things must be addressed including how to pay for all of the spending they are doing. I forget, it’s not their money. They’ll just tax more.

  16. PLEASE EDIT ME OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE! IF MY COMMENTS are NOT welcome then, I am “DONE” HERE! There is NO more freedom of speech! That left w/Political correctness!!

    1. You are correct!! These so called free speech sites are nothing more than another site full of scumbag’s and Libturds.

      1. It is the implanted algorythms. Just use inventive $pe11ing and your comment can get through. Here’s an example from a different article:
        Pe0ple this is not @bout [email protected]$. If [email protected] work c0rrectly, people who’ve had 0ne do n0t need continual te$ting or [email protected] If [email protected] didn’t work we’d all still get the [email protected], chicken p0cks, etc. [email protected]@ted persons d0n’t [email protected] these. That’s the kicker here, so don’t [email protected] for the $pin. 10 to 1 Herr Highness didn’t get @ [email protected] 0ne, hence the test$, the [email protected], & the c0ntinued [email protected]$. A$k yourself why? What is their fond saying – “Fo11ow the $cience”. How about the [email protected] $cience, not the doub1e-$peak or the [email protected]

        1. I wuz wondern effn thuh thot plece wud scriminate n blok erthane we rite ef it goz ginst plitikol crecknus. Wud dis reek havhock on the mine comptrollers?

      2. These site just want your email addresses and comments to see who you support so they can target you and make life even more difficult,I’m sure once my comments are forwarded to the Democrats my vaccine and stimulus checks will mysteriously disappear

        1. Strange you say this … because I’ve been thinking the EXACT same things for years now! Remember YOU are the PRODUCT! 😉

        2. Is that the reason for my covid 19 vacine shot has been delayed. I live in illinois and all around us there are a number of people much younger then wife or myself have not even been called we are on a number of lists did you guys send my e mail address to pritzker and he is slow rolling us We are both over 84

      3. You are right. I was just banned from Headline Health because I said some governors are idiots. What happened to free speech. No such thing anymore. Do what I do, say what I say or you’re banned. No more Constitution. Just do like you are told.

      1. I think the Democrats and social media should be held for inciting the riot,none of this would have happened if they didnt rig the elections,and now that Beijing Biden and the radical left is in the big chair they have proceeded to screw up this country so bad because they have changed everything good trump did just for spite,and now you have crooked Hillary spouting off at the mouth,she should be in prison, not defaming the former president that actually did good things for America

      2. really u don’t no? if ur a Repo ur a slave, u cant talk vote or get a vaccine so u can live but if u vote for a demo
        u can kill riot destroy cities beat up old people tell people who to vote for tell them what to say, what to wear
        tell them they cant advertise for a Repo. im born in phily raised in htfd been through the civil rights movements
        and don’t tell me what to do. i can tell u this what was good for our country to make people equal in the 60’s is
        now making our country separate. no more blk colleges radio tv awards 10 points extra on civil service exams and no more
        blk histoty mo. its US history mo. Got It?

    2. Any idiot must realize that no force on earth, can attack the United States. But internal insidious attempts will be made with foreign aid.

    3. You are so right. This site heavily censors all comments. I too have had a lot of my comments removed, and they were true. This site is no better than the others controlling Free speech. Maybe worse because they lie calling themselves conservatives.

      1. Platform site algorythms cen$or $peech, not the writers. Big Tech 0wn$ @ll the [email protected] so only inf0 they like & $ pd 4 gets out. Be [email protected] & get ar0und it unti1 we get 0ur c0untry [email protected] Example from another article: Pe0ple this is not @bout [email protected]$. If [email protected] work c0rrectly, people who’ve had 0ne do n0t need continual te$ting or [email protected] If [email protected] didn’t work we’d all still get the [email protected], chicken p0cks, etc. [email protected]@ted persons d0n’t [email protected] these. That’s the kicker here, so don’t [email protected] for the $pin. 10 to 1 Herr Highness didn’t get @ [email protected] sh0t, hence the test$, the [email protected], & the c0ntinued [email protected]$. A$k yourself why? What is their fond saying – “Fo11ow the $cience”. How about the [email protected] $cience, not the doub1e-$peak or the [email protected]

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