Gowdy rips Biden for playing identity politics in choosing SCOTUS nominee

President Joe Biden continues to take heat over his doubling down on his vow to only select Justice Stephen Breyer’s replacement from a pool of qualified, Black women, leaving all other candidates aside, no matter if their qualifications are superior.

According to Fox News, Trey Gowdy, a Fox host and former South Carolina congressman, urged the president to consider backing away from using identity politics as the only qualifier for a new SCOTUS justice, and instead nominate someone based on their qualifications and track record, which Gowdy added, might very well be a Black woman anyway.

“Now Joe Biden has promised to make the next Supreme Court Justice a Black female. Americans – including a majority of Democrats – believe Biden should consider all nominees. So why not look for the most qualified candidates, period, Mr. President,” Gowdy said.

He added: “I’m fully convinced some of the names on that list would be Black women. I can think of several right now. One would be Michelle Childs from South Carolina. She can compete no matter the pool of applicants.”

Gowdy went on to tout Child’s qualifications, emphasizing that she would have likely made Biden’s shortlist without using her skin color, or gender.

“All Biden had to do was say he was going to find the most qualified person for the job, period. That list would have undoubtedly included Black women, and he could have picked one of those Black women,” the South Carolina Republican explained.

Gowdy went on to say “But he didn’t do that. He wanted to make a political point. He wanted to help himself, and in the process, he sent the wrong message.”

He concluded by explaining that Biden fumbled when he claimed he wanted to pick someone to make the high court “look like America.”

“In the process, he has refused to do the one thing that looks the very most like America – picking the most qualified person. I have every confidence that would have been a Black woman. I wish you did too, Mr. President.”