Gov. Newsom scores exact percentage in recall ‘No’ vote as he did in 2018 election

Unfortunately for the conservatives still in California, Gov. Gavin Newsome was able to defeat an impressive recall campaign that came closer to succeeding than many Dems would have liked.

However, according to Breitbart, in the wake of the final vote count of the recall election being made public, many noticed a stunning coincidence that is undoubtedly raising eyebrows, given that many still believe the 2020 election was rife with fraud.

As the vote count results show, Newsom managed to score a 69.1% “No” vote in his recall election, which happens to be the same exact percentage of votes with which he won his election in 2018.

California’s Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber released the results on Tuesday in an official statement of the vote, confirming the governor’s big win, which prevented conservative radio host Larry Elder from taking over the governor’s mansion, as he was the closest candidate in the race, by far.

“Over 50% of the voters voted ‘no’ on the Recall Question. Accordingly, Governor Newsom was not recalled and will remain in office,” Weber’s statement read.

The big takeaway for political pundits regarding the bizarre coincidence of Newsom scoring the same percentage of support in the recall election as he did when he ran for governor, is that his base of support in the heavily-liberal state seems to be remaining constant, as Republican businessman John Cox noted.

Interestingly, Newsom will once again have to prepare for campaign mode, as he’s up for reelection next year, at the same time Democratic candidates are expected to suffer heavy losses to their Republican opponents, especially given President Joe Biden’s apparent drag on the Democratic Party.

However, Newsom might not have to worry much, as there are currently no opponents on either side of the political aisle with enough support to oust him from office, although that could change in the coming months.