Gov. Brian Kemp slams Harris, Dems on voting law claims: ‘They’re just not being truthful’

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is hitting back at Vice President Kamala Harris after she announced a multi-million dollar campaign to fight state laws designed to tighten election security, as Fox News reports.

Kemp’s comments come amid Harris’ declaration last week that the Democratic National Committee was pledging an investment of $25 million to combat efforts in a growing number of state legislatures across the country — including Georgia — to strengthen voting requirements and restore to the election process much of the integrity many believe was undermined during the 2020 presidential contest.

The spending announced by Harris is an element of the “I Will Vote” campaign being launched in advance of the 2022 midterms, and the vice president characterized the initiative as “the fight of our nation’s lifetime,” as Fox News separately noted. The monies are intended to increase voter registration and educate citizens about Republican-led changes to the electoral process since the prior cycle, as well as to establish mobilization efforts in targeted states.

Harris decried the 28 legislative enactments around the nation aimed at bringing greater security and confidence to voting processes implemented within the states at issue, arguing that they served a single purpose, namely, to “make it harder for you to vote.”

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, however, Gov. Kemp to serious issue with Harris’ characterization of the legislative measures and her prioritization of the fight against them, particularly at a time when American cities are witnessing a wave of violent crime, and the border crisis remains largely unaddressed by the Biden administration.

“We have the truth on our side. Now the vice president’s lying like the president has about Georgia’s law. We actually add the amount of days that people can vote early on the weekends in the state of Georgia. We’ve got many more opportunities to vote early than President Biden’s own state of Delaware and a lot of other states where Democrats are in control,” Kemp asserted.

The governor went on to blast Harris’ disingenuous characterization of the new voting laws, opining, “They’re just not being truthful to people. This is just part of their playbook,” adding, “…we have violent crime killings in major cities all over the country, a crisis at the border, and the fight they’re picking in suing us over our Elections Integrity Act,” a reference to the Justice Department’s recent decision to sue Georgia over its election reform law.

Warning of the broader implications of Harris’ stance and the Democrats’ intentions to undermine the authority of states to conduct elections in the manner they see fit, Kemp declared, “They’re going to come after your way of life. This isn’t a fight just in Georgia. This is a nationwide fight. It is one worth fighting. And that is what I’m going to continue to do.”

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding Arizona’s rules limiting ballot harvesting as well as the counting of provisional ballots cast in incorrect precincts, there appears to be real cause for optimism that Kemp and those who share his concerns over electoral integrity do indeed have the law on their side, regardless of how much money the Democrats throw around in an effort to get their way.