GOP Sen. Rick Scott declares Biden ‘unfit,’ emands resignation in new ad

As questions about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and overall competence continue to grow, at least one prominent voice in the U.S. Senate, namely that of Republican Sen. Rick Scott (FL), is attempting to publicly lay the groundwork for the commander in chief’s resignation, as Fox News reports.

In the latest of a series of ads released by Scott on social media, the lawmaker takes direct aim at Biden and touts his own “Rescue America” plan all at the same time.

“Joe Biden has destroyed America’s economy. It’s time to be honest with the American people,” the senator says in the spot, adding, “Joe Biden is unfit for office and should resign.”

Also included in the ad is footage in which Biden refers to Scott as hailing from the state of Wisconsin instead of Florida, with the president further opining, “I think the man has a problem,” as the Washington Examiner notes.

In response, the senator declares in the ad’s narration, “I’m Rick Scott from Florida, and I do have a problem, and so does every American. Biden is forcing America into a recession. I’ve got a plan to turn our country around.” WATCH:

The White House fired back at Scott’s warnings to voters, with White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates declaring, “Those are interesting words to choose about a president who inherited an economy in its worst state of crisis since the Great Depression and delivered historic economic growth and unprecedented job creation to make our recovery the strongest of any in the world.”

Resorting to its Democrat focus group-tested list of supposedly effective insults, Bates added, “Tellingly, this comes from a senior member of Republican leadership whose hardcore MAGA agenda would be an economic nightmare for the middle class.”

“The president is actually taking on the global problem of inflation that’s hitting all over the world after COVID – and lowering costs for families like energy and prescription drugs is his highest priority,” Bates concluded. Most Americans, however, if honest, would be hard pressed to name any personally-observable results of those purported efforts, with growing numbers likely agreeing with Scott that it is time for a change at the top.