GOP Rep. Dan Bishop introduces resolution declaring CRT a national threat

In an attempt to stem the tide of what is arguably an emergency threat to the United States, Republican Rep. Dan Bishop (NC) last week introduced a resolution denouncing critical race theory (CRT) and recognizing it as the antithesis of the nation’s first principles, as the Daily Caller reports.

Bishop’s resolution attracted ten co-sponsors, namely, Republican Reps. Lauren Boebert (CO), Andrew Clyde (GA), Jeff Duncan (NJ), Jeff Van Drew (WI), Glenn Grothman (WI), Randy Weber (TX), Greg Steube (FL), Bob Good (VA), Jim Banks (IN), and Thomas Massie (KY), as the outlet further noted.

In its explanation of CRT’s basic premises, the resolution asserts that “critical race theory teaches children that they are either oppressors or oppressed based solely on the color of their skin” and that it “accordingly claims to identify a racial stratification of American society and its institutions created by access to and exclusion from “whiteness” as a specialized form of racial property that confers social capital upon those with access to it… .”

The resolution’s language proposes to declare that the lower chamber of Congress “recognizes critical race theory and its derivatives as a form of Marxist ideology” and also “recognizes that critical race theory exists in direct opposition to the founding ideals, way of life, and form of government of the United States.”

CRT, according to the resolution, “claims that ‘structural racism’ is the fundamental organizing principle of United States society and its ‘ordinary state of affairs,’ thus framing the United States as an intrinsically unjust, oppressive, and racist nation… .”

In addition, the measure declares that given its Marxist origins and foundations, CRT represents “a significant threat to the United States Republic, its citizens, and the free people of the world rising to the degree of a clear and present danger to the Republic, its citizens, and the States, its allies, and the good and happiness of mankind.”

As The Blaze notes, regardless of its merits or its close alignment with the views of millions of Americans, the measure will almost certainly go nowhere in the Democrat-led House, but it appears that Bishop remains undaunted in his ongoing quest to expose CRT for the extraordinarily harmful ideology it is.

The Daily Caller reported last year that Bishop was instrumental in introducing legislation designed to federally defund initiatives designed to promote or teach CRT in the government or in the military.

While Bishop’s resolution is indeed unlikely to get any traction in the House as currently comprised, the lawmaker deserves the nation’s gratitude for trying to prevent further harm from this destructive and divisive worldview that has – regrettably – found a foothold in boardrooms, classrooms, and governmental institutions across the country.