GOP congressman starts Biden impeachment movement

At least there are some Republicans left with a spine.

Newsweek reports:

Colorado GOP congressman Ken Buck says America can’t “move forward” with a Joe Biden presidency unless the Justice Department appoints a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden‘s laptop.

Buck told a Michigan-based radio host this week that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is currently in the FBI’s possession, could uncover “impeachable conduct.”

The Colorado Republican penned a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr Monday urging the DOJ to appoint a special counsel similar to Robert Mueller‘s probe of President Donald Trump to investigate Biden’s alleged business dealings in Ukraine. Buck said then-Vice President Biden’s consent or knowledge of his son’s alleged dealings with energy group Burisma is the allegation that requires a special counsel investigation.

We have to begin by noting that a Biden impeachment won’t happen overnight, due to the composition of the Democratic majority House.

And if we don’t win in Georgia and keep the Senate, it’s definitely not going to matter.

But if we can keep the Senate, and Republicans can either convince a few moderate Democrats to go along or win the House in 2022, Biden is in serious danger. There’s a very good possibility that Biden’s actions regarding his son Hunter’s business dealings with foreign countries are not only a scandal, but a criminal one that will shock the nation.

Hunter’s activities are so sinister that any public accounting of them could shock the public conscience. A special counsel could be the beginning of bringing the whole story to light.