GOP candidates score huge win after court strikes down Dems’ redistricting map

In what many believe to be a rare court victory for Republicans, a New York appeals court just shot down what appears to be a very sketchy attempt by state Democrats to skew congressional redistricting maps in their favor.

According to The Hill, the appellate court made crystal clear that it rejected the submitted version of the redrawn maps, which the court noted heavily favors Democrats, and “was drawn to discourage competition. In other words, the Democrats tried to cheat — imagine that — and were caught.

“The state appellate court said it factored in testimony from an elections analysis expert, a comparison of the 2012 and 2022 maps,” The Hill noted, citing the state appeals court indicating “evidence of the largely one-party process used to enact the 2022 congressional map.”

In addition to clearly favoring Democratic candidates, the appeals court also added that there was virtually zero input from state Republicans on the redrawing, which is a requirement before submitting a version to the courts to green light.

The Hill added: “The ruling noted that under the 2022 congressional map, there are four Republican-majority districts and 22 Democratic-majority districts; in comparison, in the 2012 map there were eight elected Republicans and 19 elected Democrats, indicating that the latest map was skewed blue.”

The court cited the work and testimony of Sean Trende, an elections analysis expert, who “largely relied on a computer simulation accepted in other jurisdictions and data-driven metrics in order to conclude that the enacted 2022 congressional map was drawn to disfavor competition and favor democrats.”

A new version of the map, one that doesn’t scam Republican voters, will now have to be submitted by April 30, according to the courts’ ruling.

One can’t even say “nice try” to the states’ Democrats for attempting to rig another election, because it wasn’t.