GOP campaign commitee report suggests waning relevance of pro-amnesty approach

In what former President Donald Trump might view as a long-overdue rebuke of the pro-amnesty policies of the establishment wing of the GOP, the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) has just issued a report revealing the growing levels of support its candidates are receiving from Latino voters due to policies that include standing against illegal immigration, as Breitbart reports.

According to the report findings, 42% of Hispanic voters in battleground districts believe Republicans are better-suited on jobs and economic issues than Democrats, who garnered just 35% support.

Perhaps even more telling was the fact that 44% of Hispanic respondents said that Republican lawmakers in Congress are better able to address issues of border security than Democrats, who drew just 31% in the survey.

The fact that the NRCC went to such lengths to publicize these results, according to Breitbart, represents a watershed moment in the party’s approach to Hispanic voters, in that it is indicative of an “informal ditching” of the lingering influence of establishment-leaning members who have long argued that increased amnesty and immigration are the keys to Latino support at the ballot box.

As Breitbart noted, those tenets were gleaned largely from the Growth and Opportunity Project report championed by the establishment wing of the GOP following Mitt Romney’s loss in the 2012 presidential contest, a set of findings commonly referred to as the “autopsy” report.

The problem, however, according to critics of that plan, was that it failed to address matters of wages and salaries, which would would inevitably be subject to downward pressure if increased immigration was permitted to take hold as Wall Street and various chambers of commerce had hoped.

Ultimately, the folly of the “autopsy” approach was laid bare by Trump, who unapologetically pursued lower immigration and higher wage policies that earned him nearly 38% of the Latino vote in 2020, much to the surprise of establishment Republicans.

Indeed, the effects of the populist tack taken by Trump during his tenure in office appear to have staying power when it comes to Hispanic constituencies, with a Wall Street Journal poll finding late last year that this all-important voter demographic is evenly split when it comes to congressional preferences, a dramatic change from the lopsided support it once delivered to Democrats.

Though it is encouraging to see the NRCC’s willingness to highlight these recent findings regarding the true and timely sentiments of Latino voters, it remains to be seen whether rank-and-file Republican lawmakers will put aside the demands of moneyed corporate interests – who never seem to get their fill of cheap, immigrant labor – and start doing right by the citizens they are actually elected to serve.