Geraldo Rivera tells Brian Laundrie to ‘just kill yourself’

The Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera said that Brian Laundrie should “just kill yourself” during a recent impromptu interview.

Rivera was questioned about Laundrie, who is currently missing and a “person of interest” in the homicide case of Gabby Petito, the missing social media personality whose remains were found earlier this week.

The Washington Times reported that when asked during a street interview by TMZ what his thoughts on the boyfriend/suspect, Rivera didn’t hold back:

“I think Brian Laundrie should kill himself,” Rivera said, showing his disdain for the man believed by many to be responsible for the killing of the young woman.

Rivera, an attorney and iconic media personality at the nation’s largest cable news network, said that Laundrie’s actions were irreconcilable for someone not guilty of Petito’s murder.

The Fox personality said the young man should “have the dignity to spare us his absolute bull——” excuses by ending it all, and even offered specific advice on how: “He should ditch himself in the Florida swamp. He’s a punk.”

Despite Rivera’s strong opinions, not everyone who commented on the Times post agreed with the media commentator’s take. One commenter was thinking of Petito’s family saying, “I disagree, although her family may regret hearing the details. They need the closure.”

Several more seemed unconvinced that the facts were all out in the open with one, “Innocent to proven guilty. Man, your some lawyer.” And another that believes Americans have been too quick to judge saying, “No Geraldo, no he shouldn’t. Do I think he killed her??? Yup. However, we do still have a little due process here. Sadly, the court of public opinion seems to determine way too much. Once he’s found guilty, then yeah off yourself.”

Yet another said that while they didn’t agree with the advice, it was still a likely outcome: “I wouldn’t tell Laundrie to kill himself but I think that’s exactly what he will end up doing. Once he figures out there’s no way out, he’ll find the one exception.”