Geraldo Rivera supports the court’s decision to release Bill Cosby from prison

Geraldo Rivera, who works as a correspondent-at-large for Fox News, isn’t a stranger to making headlines with his often controversial commentary on big, national stories.

According to the Washington Examiner, the 78-year-old veteran newsman managed to stir up controversy once again after he revealed in a Fox News segment that he fully approves of the shocking, unprecedented news of Bill Cosby’s release from prison, adding that he believes Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of sexual assault last year, could be next in line.

In a recent segment on Fox News’s America Reports with John Roberts and Sandra Smith, Rivera explained why he accepts Cosby’s release from prison, arguing that the once-legendary television star was only convicted in the first place thanks to “mob justice.”

“First of all, the former state [district attorney] promised that they would not bring a criminal case against him if he testified in a civil deposition. That was an express agreement that he had with the former district attorney,” Rivera said.

“That’s No. 1. No. 2, to bring in five unrelated victims to testify against him was so grotesquely unfair that it just seemed to me that this was mob justice,” he added.

Rivera made clear that he doesn’t believe Cosby is innocent of the charges for which he was accused, and expressed sympathy for the victims related to his case, however, Rivera continued to argue that Cosby’s prosecution did not go according to what’s allowed in the American justice system process.

“In this case, they brought in people that were unrelated to this victim. Why just five? Why not 50? Why not all 50 that you say were harmed by this monster? … In this case, [the prosecutors] embellished [Cosby’s alleged wrongdoing] in a way that was wrongful,” Rivera added.

The longtime Fox News correspondent went on to add that he believes similar developments could occur in Weinstein’s high-profile case. “They may be monsters. #MeToo may have exacted righteous justice in both those cases, but it’s not the way the criminal justice system works,” Rivera said.

Rivera may be on to something, as Weinstein’s legal team is reportedly already expressing confidence that the Appellate Division in New York will reach a similar conclusion with regard to the Hollywood mogul’s appeals.