Georgia-based anti-Trump DA slammed by judge, could be disqualifed

A Fulton County, Georgia-based investigation into former President Donald Trump has taken several wild turns after entering the court system, as the judge in the case recently ripped into the prosecutor for what many believe is an embarrassingly obvious conflict of interest.

It was District Attorney Fani Willis who was slammed by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney for allegedly “helping fundraise for Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Charlie Bailey who is taking on Republican Burt Jones, who was informed that he is a criminal target of the investigation,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The situation is apparently so bad on Willis’ part that she could be disqualified from the trial altogether.

“I don’t know that it’s an actual conflict, but … it’s a ‘what are you thinking’ moment,” Judge McBurney said of the situation.

The judge added: “If we’re trying to maintain confidence that this investigation is pursuing facts in a non-partisan sense … That strikes me as problematic.”

Willis’ case received the bad news just on the heels of the case gaining nationwide attention, as a growing number of liberal commentators cheer the DA on as she pursues criminal charges against Trump and so-called “fake electors.”

The CB added: “Jones’ attorneys claimed that the fundraiser attended by Willis in June raised around $32,000 for his opponent and asked the judge to appoint another prosecutor. The hearing on Thursday was centered around the motion to dismiss Willis from the case.”

Only time will tell if Willis survives the legal bump in the road, but it appears as if she’s pulling out all the stops in her effort to be the first to legally hamstring the former president.