Gamer reportedly leaks detailed Chinese tank schematics in effort to top rivals

In a shocking example of competitive chutzpah, reports indicate that a video game aficionado recently leaked highly secret Chinese tank schematics over the Internet in an attempt to prevail in an online dispute with another player, as Breitbart reports.

Citing information published by Task and Purpose, participants in the “War Thunder” video game have grown so competitive in their online interactions that they have started disseminating real-life, classified schematics for military vehicles in a sort of one-upsmanship.

There have been three distinct incidents in which the aforementioned conduct has occurred, with the latest occasion involving details of the penetrator components of a Chinese tank cannon shell.

The information was provided in Mandarin Chinese writing and included a diagram complete with technical specifications.

A subsequent tweet provided a detailed translation of the original post, and though many original images have since been removed, the end result was the revelation of schematics for Chinese tank munitions, something that was apparently done in order to facilitate a more accurate simulation of what actual combat would look like.

The episode hearkens back to a similar situation that occurred back in July of last year when a gamer who may have served as a commander in the U.K.’s Royal Tank Regiment uploaded information to online forums for fellow players that included technical details of the Challenger 2 tank.

According to Breitbart, the individual who engaged in that conduct did so simply in order to establish that the game’s creators did not accurately portray certain aspects of the fighting vehicle.

The game’s creators informed users at the time that disseminating such information was a violation of law and had the potential to result in a significant term of incarceration, but astoundingly, the competitive spirit of some online gamers continues to to win out, leading them down a very dangerous path, indeed.