Gaffer on Alec Baldwin film set says ‘negligence’ to blame for cinematographer’s death

In the wake of the fatal prop gun shooting on the set of the Alec Baldwin film Rust, shocking claims have emerged in which the chief electrician on the production alleges that the movie’s armorer, its producers, and a prevailing sense of “negligence and unprofessionalism” are to blame for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, according to the Washington Examiner.

As Fox News noted, last week Baldwin was in the midst of rehearsing a scene from the film in which he was also serving as executive producer when the prop gun in his hand accidentally discharged, killing Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

According to a social media post written by the film’s gaffer, Serge Svetnoy, blatant inexperience on the part of those responsible for handling weapons during the production is what led to his colleague’s death.

“I was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Halyna during this fatal shot that took her life and injured the director Joel Souza. I was holding her in my arms while she was dying. Her blood was on my hands,” Svetnoy said.

Determining where to assign blame for the tragedy is, according to Svetnoy, not a difficult process, with the gaffer asserting that “It’s the fault of negligence and unprofessionalism. The negligence from the person who was supposed to check the weapon on the site did not do this; the person who had to announced that the loaded gun was on the site did not do this; the person who should have checked the weapon before bringing it to set did not do this.”

Svetnoy singled out for particular scorn the film’s very young head armorer Hannah Gutierrez, though he did not use her name specifically in the post, instead writing, “I’m sure that we had the professionals in every department but one – the department that was responsible for the weapons. There is no way a twenty-four-year-old woman can be a professional with armory.”

Castigating what he believes were highly dangerous cost-cutting methods on the set, Svetnoy added, “To save a dime sometimes, you hire people who are not fully qualified for the complicated and dangerous job, and you risk the lives of the other people who are close and your lives as well.”

Police investigation into the incident is ongoing, and there has been much speculation as to whether Baldwin himself may face criminal charges as a result, with attorney Andrew Stoltmann telling Fox News that the actor “needs to start thinking like a potential defendant” and that he could “absolutely” be charged with a crime.

As lawyer Joseph Costa explained to the New York Post, Baldwin could well face a negligent manslaughter charge, considering that “as an executive producer, you are in a position of control and you can get prosecuted criminally,” and while such an outcome would certainly be unfortunate for the longtime liberal agitator, conservatives might be forgiven for indulging in just a little schadenfreude along the way.