Gabby Petito’s family is ready to see Laundrie brought to justice

The family of Gabby Petito spoke out on Wednesday saying they’re ready to see Brian Laundrie brought in so justice can be served in Petito’s death. 

Laundrie is currently the only person of interest in Petito’s death and is still a fugitive with law enforcement nationwide on the lookout for him, according to The New York Post.

Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, said of Laundrie on the “Dr. Phil” show on Wednesday that she wants to “look him in the eyes,” while Petito’s father had something else in mind:

“I want to see him in a jail cell the rest of his life where — he’s an outdoorsman — being in that concrete cell that he can’t go see those trees and smell the fresh air like that,” Joe Petito said.

Petito’s parents and stepparents discussed her disappearance and death while on a cross-country van trip with boyfriend Laundrie, who is believed to have been the last person to see Petito alive.

According to the recently passed social media influencer’s parents, she would be delighted to see the four of them under the same roof, which has literally been the case since they moved in together during the turmoil surrounding Petito’s death.

“She’d be excited that we’re working together,” Joe Petito said. “We’re doing this together. This is what she wants … She always wanted us to live in a big house together, you know what I mean? She loved all of us.”

Part of their joint effort was to launch the Gabby Petito Foundation which was founded to help find other missing persons and assist the victims of domestic violence find safety away from their abusers.

Joe Petito said that this was one way of giving his daughter’s death meaning:“If you gotta hashtag Gabby Petito to bring that story to the top, do it. Do it,” he said. “Do it now. There’s no reason not to. We’re not getting her back but maybe you can get someone back, and that would be awesome.

“And then let me know,” he added, “because that would make me feel better that there’s not a meaningless death for Gabby.”