Fusion music pioneer Tarsame Singh Saini dies at age 54

Sad and shocking news in the pop music world broke this weekend when it emerged that 90s phenom Tarsame Singh Saini, also known as Taz from Stereo Nation, died at age 54 from complications stemming from ongoing hernia issues, according to the U.K. Express.

The singer was reportedly poised to undergo surgical treatment of the hernia in a procedure that had previously been postponed due to COVID-19-related precautions, but in the meantime, he developed liver failure, which led to a coma from which he tragically never emerged.

As The Indian Express noted, Taz, as he was widely known, first gained notoriety with his 1989 album, Hit the Deck, and his fame only grew once he became the lead singer for pop group Stereo Nation.

Acknowledged as one of the most groundbreaking figures in the cross-cultural Asian fusion music genre, Taz was a driving force behind a number of hit albums in the 1990, with Slave to Fusion among the best-loved examples of his work.

In addition to traditional recording work, Taz was also a prolific contributor in the world of Bollywood film soundtracks, with songs such as “It’s Magic (Koi Mill Gaya)” and “Daroo Vich Pyar” credited to him.

Once word of Taz’s death began to spread, tributes quickly started pouring in from friends and colleagues alike, according to The Indian Express, declaring their admiration as well as their dismay at the early age at which he passed.

Fellow singer Mika left words of praise for Taz on Instagram, saying, “The great singer @tazstereonation has sadly left us with his beautiful memories. …I’ve grown up listening to his music… . May God bless his soul and he rest in eternal peace.”

Music industry colleague Jasbir Jassi declared of Taz, “Superstar in true sense and my dear friend you will always have a special place in my heart and professional life. We still had to do so much work together but you left us very soon. Today I lost a dear friend and all of us a very talented and amazing artist.”

From the immediate expressions of sadness and admiration that flooded social media over the weekend, it is abundantly clear that Taz leaves behind a musical legacy that will endure for years to come and will be remembered fondly by millions.