Frenzied Pelosi calls GOP lawmakers’ comments on Capitol unrest ‘sick,’ ‘beyond denial’

After months of using the Jan. 6 unrest at the Capitol to further a partisan political narrative, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out last week, referring to Republican lawmakers who denied that the events of that day amounted to an insurrection as “sick” and in the grips of something “beyond denial,” according to The Hill.

Pelosi’s comments came in response to remarks made by multiple GOP legislators during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing Wednesday, with the statements of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) in particular drawing the speaker’s ire.

Opining that describing the events of that fateful winter day is akin to telling a “boldfaced lie,” Clyde went on to say, “Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures,” adding, “You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was video from Jan. 6, you’d think it was a normal tourist visit.”

The congressman expanded on his assessment, saying, “As one of the members who stayed in the Capitol, and on the House floor, who with other Republican colleagues helped barricade the door until almost 3 p.m. From the mob who tried to enter, I can tell you the House floor was never breached and it was not an insurrection. This is the truth,” as the Gainesville Times noted.

Clyde’s characterization was, according to Pelosi, “beyond denial,” and “fell into the range of sick,” according to CBS News, and the speaker claimed that such remarks are indicative of the opposition Democrats are facing when it comes to appropriating additional funds to bolster Capitol security.

Pelosi took serious issue with Clyde’s description of the day’s gathering as “normal,” saying, “Well, I don’t know on a normal day around here when people are threatening to hang the vice president of the United States or shoot the speaker in the forehead or disrupt and injure so many police officers. I don’t consider that normal.”

In that vein, Pelosi continues to push for the creation of a so-called “January 6 commission” to further probe the events that took place at the Capitol, though Democrats and Republicans have yet to agree on the final parameters of such a panel, according to CBS News.

Should consensus not be reached on the guiding details of the commission, Pelosi has emphasized her willingness to seek a congressional probe in which the Democrats would enjoy full subpoena power, though she indicated her hope that “we don’t have to go that route.”

Though Pelosi remains committed to the portrayal of Jan. 6 as a violent overthrow attempt committed by right-wing extremists who pose a continued threat to the nation’s capital, the perspective provided by Rep. Clyde – if a bit hyperbolic in itself – serves as an important reality check on a runaway narrative that has been allowed to dominate the discussion for far too long.

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  1. It was Pelosi herself who arranged for the riot by not providing adequate security for a known threat. After there was no threat she wasted millions of our dollars on over-reaction by calling far too many guardsmen and erecting far too many barriers. The buck stops with her for not ordering adequate security for Jan 6th, and I would say, on purpose to provoke what happened. The roll of BLM and Antifa also needs to be brought out in any investigation of the incident.

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  4. I blame both sides for 1-6:
    Dems & RINOs.
    Both aided rioters prior riots
    Had 2
    Pre rigged
    I blame Estd DC RINOs from GOP side.

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  7. Pelosi and Democrats let it happen at the Capital she didn’t call for backup from national guard or Capital police. I bet she told the capital police to let people in just another political scam.

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  9. Pelosi doesn’t that most Americans want this over and done with. It was NOT an insurrection or a coup. We have much bigger problems with the new administration and Congress should be hard at work doing something good for America and Americans….I mean good for all not just the dems agenda, which serves their purpose and not Americas. We are so over investigations and commissions and accusing.

  10. I would like to know why Pelosi didn’t accept the help from the national guard when it was offered to her before everything happened

    1. Because she took advice from Hillary Clinton just like she ignored the cry for help when the seals were in trouble and died because she didn’t have any care for our military personnel

  11. Pukeolsi should be melting down all her low life scum works are about to catch up with her and it’s not going to be a pretty site, all the rotten things she has done to this Great Country is about to cave in on her the Devel will get his due from her when he welcomes her to the lake of fire when GOD says depart from me I never knew you. AMEN.!!!!!

  12. The insurrection is what Biden/Harris/Pelosi & their gang are doing to America & letting Antifa & BLM destroy, murder, have gangs beating innocent people, burning down buildings & getting away with it. Illegals allowed in our country with no background checks, illegal children being abused & mistreated by them, with their lack of care for them then lying to the people in the USA about it. Being so stupid that the jobs rate shock them for April. Of course the fools gave more money to unemployed than they could make at their jobs, whos great idea was that!! After all the bull these Democrats are trying to pull off Pelosi is still on 1/6/21, has she done anything GOOD for the AMERICAN people in the past 4 or 5 years. Nancy please GET OUT OF OFFICE, you are one of the most disliked politicians ever!

  13. Everything pelosi is accusing GOP lawmakers of, she is doing the exactly the same thing. Her lies and hatred is eating her insides out.

  14. The whole is BS if an insurrection would have been planned by anyone other than Pelosi and company it would have had real teeth!
    It’s time for that old drunk to go away!

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  20. Pelosi and the Democrats need to know and research before calling the many that attended at the Capitol, and Trump guilty of sedition. The crowds were ALLOWED on to the grounds of the Capitol NY the Capitol Police, and though a very large group they all were peaceful
    It was the two groups of Democrat and Communist backed Antifa and BLM rioters that later joined into the Republican crowd after their own galleys that entered the Capitol and caused their usual property damage.

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      1. Who the hell cares? This is not a site for advertising! Go peddle your crap somewhere else!

        1. Yes I agree. I get sick of it. You notice that these are right at the top of every single one of these Comment sections. That’s because they get paid from the Site to lie about how much they’re making.

    2. Paul, I agree with you 100%. Antifa and blm got in there and made it look like Trump supporters and I bet my last dollar they were hired by the demon-rats and geo. soros!!! They are all sick evil people and should be charged with for treason.

      1. Absolutely 100% correct we are not dumb we know it was a set up, BLM and Antifa I am sure Democrats set it up, that is why Pelosi will not stop talking about it, she wants her monies worth!

      2. Pisslosie is just like a dog with a bone won’t give it up just keeps at it and at it I don’t understand why they don’t vote her out and some of the other demented people

        1. If you don’t understand why Pelosi has still not been kicked out of her throne, just think for half a second: the people of her home district in California are not willing to do their homework and find out what she stands for. That being the case, she gets re-elected ad nauseam.

        2. Once the Republicans get super close to finding out she and her minions were bussed in to disrupt and cause problems she will pull the plug. Republicans never let up on the gas!!!

      3. You are so right I pray someday soon they will get what is coming to them we need our America back

        1. Helen, if we want our America back, we are going to have to let our Republican Congress people and our Senators know that we elected them and what we expect out of them. That if they continue to fail at the job we hired them to do, then we will elect someone else to do the job. Also, we need to let them know we are tired of being ignored except at election time. Their job is not to cross over and join the Democrats in screwing up our country. Most of all, we need them to stop acting like they are afraid of the Democrats. (Which they probably are.)

      4. President Trump offered Nat Guard and Nasty Nancy said no. No Trump supporter was armed but BLM and Atifa probably were. No building was burned down, no police cars set afire, and no one died at the hands of the demonstrators, only a Capital Police officer did the killing and is in hiding and protected by the Left Libtards.

      5. If every thing was so bad why won’t the film of the breach be released? The big reason it won’t be released is it will show that the crowd was welcomed in. Then We The People can see where Antifa and BLM blended in with the Trump supporters . If it was a real insurrection the people would have come armed.

      1. Did you stop to think that the ones they are letting in are maybe the peaceful Republicans and not the BLM and Antifa. No I think The BLM and Antifa were let in by the dems.

    3. Pelosi is so scared of the people of the USA and not the ones coming over the borders cartel murders rapist and what ever else comes over she just needs to resign and go back to California and stay in her mansion with her well and take the fence from around the capital makes it look like North Korea they show on the news

    4. My opinion the summer riots were way way worst. More people died there even small innocent children. Why don’t they realize that. It wasn’t even bad as they claim to be. They just want to hurt Trump and want him erased

    5. Pelosi you are the one that is sick. Beyond repair. Deceitful discusting unlikable retire or go into a nursing home

    6. People have had all that we can stand she is and has been a disgrace for the United states that hippocrates Pelosi has got to be destroyed and sent out packing

    7. Totally agree with you, it’s time to stop blaming President Trump for everything. It was the Democratic Party that
      Began this whole insurrection on the Capitol. Pelosi and Democrats need to move on . There are so many issues occurring
      In America right now. Look at the boarder issue. And you /Democratic’s are pulling American down. Now the issue of giving children money and paying immigrants to come and stay in America and giving them stimulus checks.. STOP 🛑. THIS is just

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