Fox’s Peter Doocy is ‘the best’ White House reporter in the room

If it were not for Fox News’ Peter Doocy asking the tough questions concerning the Biden administration’s actions, every day would be slow-pitch softball for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

As Mediaite writer Jackson Richman wrote, Doocy “isn’t just one of the best reporters on the White House beat, he’s the best in the way that matters most.” Richman would go on to point out why reporters like Doocy need to be in the mix while heaping high praise on the 34-year-old Fox reporter for his work so far. 

Not surprisingly, Doocy has faced a mountain of — mostly unfair — criticism in his role as White House correspondent. Also, such criticism always comes from reporters who specialize in checking in on which ice cream Biden prefers. Most of them seem to fear the very thought of challenging the Biden administration on any topic — a sad state of affairs for journalism as a whole.

As Richman so perfectly stated, “The role of journalists is to report the truth and hold those in power to account. Being adversarial is crucial.”

His point? At least at the current time, Doocy is seemingly the only reporter in the room who isn’t afraid to call out President Joe Biden or Psaki on a given topic. He consistently challenges the administration, especially on smoking hot topics like the immigration crisis and COVID-19.

“His questions are often ones that the White House would rather avoid, but they are never presented with disrespect or animus. In fact, Doocy and White House press secretary Jen Psaki almost seem to enjoy the gamesmanship at play during their briefing room exchanges,” Richman wrote.

The president isn’t always fond of Doocy’s questions, which isn’t a shocker given that he’s typically provided with a list of pre-selected reporters presumably with pre-selected topics to focus on.

There have been several occasions when Biden has snapped at Doocy for asking real, journalistic questions, including the time when he labeled Doocy as a “one-horse pony” for asking a tough question about his son, Hunter Biden.

“Peter Doocy has been doing the American people a service by asking the tough questions the mainstream media won’t ask,” Richman concluded, and he’s absolutely correct.