Fox’s Juan Williams is blathering about ‘GOP extremism’

Just days after liberal commentator Juan Williams announced his resignation from co-hosting Fox News’ The Five, Williams published an op-ed for The Hill in which he virtually blamed everything wrong with the country on the Republican party.

Williams cited an uptick in gun violence, a rise in attacks on Jewish and Asians in America, failure to compromise on President Joe Biden’s massively expensive infrastructure bill, and a host of other issues plaguing the country in his op-ed, titled, “GOP extremism is poisoning the nation.”

After reading through the op-ed, the only “extremism” seems to be Williams’ distorted, illogical view of the cause of many of America’s problems. For instance, he blamed Republicans for a “broken immigration system,” which is wildly false, as former President Donald Trump was finally able to bring the situation under control before the Biden administration completely destroyed it.

As many Democrats and liberal media pundits typically do, Williams also focused his energy on complaining about people who still believe what Democrats call “The Big Lie,” which is a reference to Trump’s insistence that he won the 2020 election. Williams cited several polls that indicated that a slight majority of Republican voters still believe Trump truly won the election, as if that data plays any role in the current failures of the Biden administration.

Williams also dialed in on the Rebublicans’ recent efforts to block the formation of a Jan. 6 commission, implying that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is involved in some type of conspiracy in his efforts to stop the commission from moving forward.

“The Republicans’ talking point on opposition to the commission is that they want to move on from the insurrection and shift the nation’s focus to debates over Biden’s policies,” Williams wrote.

Well yeah, Juan, as sad as the events that took place at the Capitol were, federal law enforcement agencies are handling the massive investigation and charging hundreds of people. Of course Republicans want to focus on debating Biden’s policies because, quite frankly, they’re absolutely wrecking America.

Ironically, it seems to be the Democrats who want to play the focus-shifting game by steering away from Biden’s nation-destroying policies and instead focus on past events that no longer have any relevancy.

Political views aside, Williams appears to be a decent, intelligent man. One has to believe that he’s only spewing such nonsensical garbage because it’s in his contract, because if he were to be intellectually honest, there’s simply no way he believes half of what he says or writes.