Fox’s Juan Williams is blathering about ‘GOP extremism’

Just days after liberal commentator Juan Williams announced his resignation from co-hosting Fox News’ The Five, Williams published an op-ed for The Hill in which he virtually blamed everything wrong with the country on the Republican party.

Williams cited an uptick in gun violence, a rise in attacks on Jewish and Asians in America, failure to compromise on President Joe Biden’s massively expensive infrastructure bill, and a host of other issues plaguing the country in his op-ed, titled, “GOP extremism is poisoning the nation.”

After reading through the op-ed, the only “extremism” seems to be Williams’ distorted, illogical view of the cause of many of America’s problems. For instance, he blamed Republicans for a “broken immigration system,” which is wildly false, as former President Donald Trump was finally able to bring the situation under control before the Biden administration completely destroyed it.

As many Democrats and liberal media pundits typically do, Williams also focused his energy on complaining about people who still believe what Democrats call “The Big Lie,” which is a reference to Trump’s insistence that he won the 2020 election. Williams cited several polls that indicated that a slight majority of Republican voters still believe Trump truly won the election, as if that data plays any role in the current failures of the Biden administration.

Williams also dialed in on the Rebublicans’ recent efforts to block the formation of a Jan. 6 commission, implying that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is involved in some type of conspiracy in his efforts to stop the commission from moving forward.

“The Republicans’ talking point on opposition to the commission is that they want to move on from the insurrection and shift the nation’s focus to debates over Biden’s policies,” Williams wrote.

Well yeah, Juan, as sad as the events that took place at the Capitol were, federal law enforcement agencies are handling the massive investigation and charging hundreds of people. Of course Republicans want to focus on debating Biden’s policies because, quite frankly, they’re absolutely wrecking America.

Ironically, it seems to be the Democrats who want to play the focus-shifting game by steering away from Biden’s nation-destroying policies and instead focus on past events that no longer have any relevancy.

Political views aside, Williams appears to be a decent, intelligent man. One has to believe that he’s only spewing such nonsensical garbage because it’s in his contract, because if he were to be intellectually honest, there’s simply no way he believes half of what he says or writes.

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  2. In the first place, Juan Williams is not a star. He was there as the Democrat
    on the Five. And he has never been anything except that. Not often has he
    said anything to take seriously, he has just mouthed the Democrat propaganda
    and made a fool of himself in doing so. I do not think anyone will even know
    he is gone should he disappear.

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  3. I am not surprised at all with WILLIAMS pulling off the “moderate” disguise he has worn for years! There were several times I thought Jesse and other guys on the 5 were going to throttle him. NOW IF ONLY THE DESPOTS SON, ELITIST TRAITOR CHIS WALLACE WAS CANNED! If ANYONE is surprised by this, you NEVER WATCHED WILLIAMS OR WALLACE IN ACTION! Here in Taiwan THEY STOPPED BROADCASTING FOX NEWS MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!

    1. Stay at home mom Kelly Richards from New York after resigning from her full time job managed to average from $6000-$8000 a month from freelancing at FVc home..

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  4. Glad Juan is off The Five, I like that show but he ruined it! He tried to argue, but his claims sometimes were not true! He’s stupid! Today he was on Martha’s show, what he was saying was false information, Martha was stopping him, telling him facts, and the other thing he constantly brings Trump in the conversation! Always, it’s all about Trump, it’s disgusting! I cringe Everytime he’s talking!

  5. No great loss to Fox–this brainless moron never knew what he was talking about anyways–good riddance Juan you won’t be missed

  6. That is certainly no surprise. He has always been a total Lefty, just not a very smart one. He tried
    to appear to be middle of the road which was as obviously a lie as most of what he has always said.
    The man is a joke and should never have been allowed to sit on the Five. I suppose they needed
    some comedy relief other than Gutfeld who was legitimately funny. (love his show at 11:00 EST. It is
    really good).

  7. Juan Williams is just following orders. He has to use the same rhetoric as the rest if the Marxists in Washington. If he had any common sense, he would move away from the Marxists in Washington and actually think for himself. I have to say that he has a son who is 180 degrees away from his father. It’s too bad tha Juan can’t see the error of his ways.

  8. He LEANS Left anyway. FOX–HEAR THIS Get this backward idiot OFF Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. why is anyone care what this idiot even says? He is a moron and an extreme lib lefty who is nuts!! He should be locked up! It isn’t the GOP ruining the country is is the Left and the majority of America knows it!

  10. Just keep on walking Juan. You are certainly not wanted on Fox and viewers definately do not want to see you or listen to your stupid dribble.

  11. You may not imagine but Juan’s job is to present an opposing view. Otherwise it will be a boring channel.
    His irony is it’s a difficult job to defend an indefensible liberal position. Same with Psaki’s.

  12. juan williams is not bright

    he was philosophy (LOL) undergrad at Haverford.. and an AAction beneficiary (though he is from panama)

    you can not call him bright

  13. have found this guy both dumb and disgusting for some time…. wrote messages to fox for a long time to fire this tool

    williams is not bright and has become clown like in past year trying to provide the looney left view even when no rational person could

    just not a guy i like or have any respect for

    a tool, and a very dull one at that

  14. I have a small problem when you state that “Juan is a decent and intelligent man” Are you cowering down ? A person is decent & Intelligent, when they
    are Honest and accept facts as true.

    If the Dems say its raining and the fact is that it is untrue, and you carry on the lie, your not decent.
    Intelligence requires one to accept the truth of facts !

    Juan Williams does not meet those standards. He is a liar to himself and to the world

  15. Juan Williams is one of the most racist human beongsI have ever seen! That is using the term human being very loosely!!!

  16. I won’t miss his sorry view on any topic. Pretty clear NPR was right to fire him, he’s a jerk, used to love his “confused” look at the camera when others we making a point. Good bye and good ridden.

  17. Juan, I always knew. So, BYE! I only hope I live long enough for you to see these “Democrats” really mess up the country and with that the world, which will be in the hands of Peking.
    ( This is the best way I can show disrespect for the Chinese without swearing. And Tai wan IS a country)

  18. You’re surprised?? He’s always been a leftist idiot, except now he’s even worse because he must have drunk the rest of the KoolAid.

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