Fox star Peter Doocy shut out of questioning at Biden press conference

After bobbing, weaving, and avoiding direct questioning for 64 days, President Joe Biden finally relented and held a press conference on Thursday afternoon, but unfortunately, it was every bit the highly choreographed farce many predicted.

As proof positive of the tightly-controlled nature of the event, Biden took questions exclusively from outlets known to be friendly to the administration, shutting Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy out of the process entirely.

Immediately after the press conference, in an on-air appearance on Fox News’ America Reports, Doocy lamented that the “binder-full” of questions he had prepared for the president had essentially gone to waste, expressing particular disappointment than none of the chosen reporters asked about Biden’s plan “to completely transform the economy to make it all green” or queried the commander in chief on the origins of COVID-19.

The glaringly biased nature of the questions asked of Biden did not escape the attention of numerous other critics, including Fox News contributor Joe Concha who delcared the event a “disgrace,” as well as an “embarrassment” to the journalists in attendance, adding:

We still don’t really have any answers in terms of specifics to the pressing problems within this country. This was a disgrace for most of the press corps and for the president. He said some outrageous things that demanded to be pressed on, and of course no one in the room can decide to do it.

Appearing to call only on reporters whose names appeared on a pre-written list, Biden was able to sidestep many of the pressing questions to which millions of Americans want answers, instead giving the floor to fawning personalities such as Yamiche Alcindor of PBS who began her exchange with the president by proclaiming him a “moral, decent man,” as Fox News noted.

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post issued an even more scathing critique of the event, labeling it a “sickening spectacle” that revealed the “serious trouble” in which the country now finds itself, opining:

This was Biden’s coming out party, and the nation faces a mess that will only grow worse with time.

The man who campaigned on unity is hell-bent on permanent polarization, meaning cancel culture and the supercharged racial climate are here to stay.

Biden gave license to the worse instincts on the left with his repeated sneering references to all Republicans and especially Donald Trump.

Goodwin assailed not just the president, but also the journalists tasked with questioning him, suggesting that the “pathetic” performance extended beyond the queries themselves to the way in which they were presented, drawing a stark contrast with the way those same reporters treated Biden’s immediate predecessor.

Despite Biden’s demonstrably false claims about the volume of unaccompanied migrant youth surging to the southern border, the numbers of those migrants being sent back to their home countries, and the true scope of former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, he was subjected to no substantive follow-up questions on the assertions.

Only time will tell whether the mainstream media – purportedly comprised of professionals committed to pursuit of the truth – will remain complicit in the farce that was on full display at the White House this week, or they will at long last push for greater transparency and accountability from Biden.