Fox Star Greg Gutfeld says he “can’t quit Chris Cuomo,” speculates on CNN’s Cuomo-less future

Fox News star Greg Gutfeld reacted to the news of CNN host Chris Cuomo’s suspension by saying he “can’t quit Chris Cuomo” and that even with Cuomo gone, there are plenty of people at CNN who will replace him. 

Gutfeld wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News that, “The game these days is to inflame, divide and incite. Until we change that game, there will always be more Chris Cuomos than Greg Gutfelds. Firing them does no good, because another one bubbles up. If we keep at it, who knows who will be hosting that CNN 9 pm slot.”

Chris Cuomo, otherwise known as “Fredo,” was suspended by CNN after damning reports surfaced that he had used his position at CNN to go after the women who accused his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, of sexual misconduct.

Gutfeld continued saying, “According to the New York attorney general’s office, Chris was far more involved in his brother’s damage control efforts than previously admitted. I know — a CNN anchor shading the truth? Whoever heard of that?… But new documents reveal he was in regular touch with his bro’s former top aide, and as accusations piled up, Chris demanded knowing when damaging articles would come out — promising he’d use his media connections to help his sleazy sibling.”

What is ironic is that Chris Cuomo has often championed himself as a woke progressive. Going after women who make accusations of sexual assault isn’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of a woke progressive.

Furthermore, it appears that Chris Cuomo was explicitly going after dirt on his brother’s accusers.

Gutfeld wrote, “But it seems like Chris was indeed gathering intel, including dirt on one accuser. You know – Hillary would be so proud of Chris. Now after hearing all this, I’d wonder — how does Chris keep his job? But then I remember this guy (Jeffrey Toobin). True, that was unintentional, and everyone deserves forgiveness for honest mistakes.”

It seems that Chris Cuomo isn’t much better than his creepy brother. Now the question remains if CNN will bring him back, and if they don’t, who will they elevate to continue broadcasting liberal propaganda.