Fox star Greg Gutfeld reveals media ‘cover-up’ of crime wave gripping country

Amid a dramatic rise in violent crime in major cities across America, Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld took the opportunity to expose liberal cable network CNN’s continued avoidance of the issue, singling out one of its anchors – Jim Acosta – for his particularly cringeworthy response to a D.C. shooting last week that wounded two.

During Friday’s installment of late afternoon panel show The Five, Gutfeld excoriated CNN’s apparent unwillingness to acknowledge, let alone cover, the notable spike in crimes being committed in major city centers in recent months.

According to Gutfeld, who also hosts his own late-night comedy-themed program on the network, CNN personalities such as Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon in particular have made it a point to criticize outlets such as Fox for taking note of the uptick in crime and reporting on it regularly.

“You would think entire cities are just, you know, enthralled in fights, fires, and whatever,” Lemon said to Cuomo, during a conversation in which the two attempted to argue that conservative journalists are cynically reporting on crime to pad ratings and fill time.

According to Gutfeld, CNN has been “engaging in a cover-up of violent crime for quite a while,” adding, “They did it for political reasons. They did it because they wanted Biden in. …Those two clowns Cuomo and Lemon were mocking people who were concerned. They were laughing about it.”

Pointing to instances in which journalists and political leaders encouraged protests and even violent uprisings last summer only to backtrack once criminal activity had a tangible impact on their own lives, Gutfeld noted that Acosta himself had something of a brush with gunfire while dining out in the nation’s capital last week, though it did not seem to spark similar self-reflection.

Thursday evening, gunshots rang out in D.C.’s Logan Circle area, a spot known for a large amount of outdoor dining and pedestrian traffic, as Washington radio station WTOP reported. As news of the incident began to break, Acosta called in to colleague Anderson Cooper’s prime time show and said that he was eating at a restaurant just steps from the action on 14th Street NW.

Amid the flashing of police lights and on-scene investigations, Acosta took a moment to engage in tone-deaf boasting about the high-end eatery at which he was perched. “Anderson, I was having dinner at a restaurant that is very popular in D.C.: Le Diplomate – people have probably heard of it.” Indeed, just this past Memorial Day, the posh establishment hosted no less than President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for a sumptuous feast.

Given Acosta’s embarrassing decision to prioritize the trumpeting of his own D.C. “in-crowd” bona fides over the need to provide hard-hitting reporting on yet another example of the rampant criminal activity plaguing America’s cities, Gutfeld’s critique was more than justified and ought to prompt an overdue editorial reckoning at CNN.