Fox News’ Will Cain says puberty blockers for transgender youth akin to ‘child abuse’

Amid Biden administration opposition to state laws prohibiting young teens from accessing puberty-blocking transgender treatment drugs, Fox News host Will Cain told his audience last week that the White House position is “not only a failure to America’s children, but it’s also child abuse,” as the Washington Examiner reports.

Delivering his monologue as host of Tuesday night’s installment of Fox News Primetime, Cain held nothing back in terms of his disdain for the Biden Justice Department’s decision to oppose laws such as Arkansas’ SAFE Act, which was enacted on the belief that many youths who consider themselves to be transgender are simply too young to make decisions about medical gender reassignment.

According to court filings, federal lawyers have argued that prohibitions on providing hormone therapy and other medical treatments for transgender youth violate the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, adding that such measures amount to “intentional discrimination against transgender minors on the basis of sex.”

The Fox news personality lamented the state of child rearing and education, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics including transgenderism, stating, “Over the past year, we’ve allowed our children to have their faces covered, called racist or losers, declined to educate them while judging them for very childish behavior, and performed medical experiments in what can only be described as child abuse.”

Cain went on to chide the administration for its assertion that such laws are unconstitutional, instead characterizing them simply as good parenting, as Fox News noted. “For a child that feels lost, confused and out of place, they need help. But what supporters are calling gender-affirming health care is not the help that these kids need. We don’t nod along as children go through adolescent decisions,” he argued.

Acknowledging the pain and turmoil children undergoing gender confusion certainly experience, Cain argued that while some proponents of gender-affirming medical treatment may come from a place of compassion and sympathy, they end up causing potentially irreversible damage.

Cain explained that American adults need to exert the type of influence and sound decision making on this issue that they do on others affecting minors, saying, “We don’t take them to a tattoo parlor and allow them to ink themselves up permanently at the age of 13…We don’t let them start smoking weed because it’s currently in fashion, and we don’t affirm every decision, because we are supposed to be the adults in the room.”

Concluding his searing indictment by expressing exasperation over the continued abdication of these key responsibilities, Cain opined, “And now, we let kids destroy their bodies permanently because we are afraid of being called anti-trans. Children go through things. They go through fads, mistakes, phases. And adults are supposed to guide them. For trans kids, that guidance is missing.”