Fox News’ Will Cain drops the hammer on Fauci: He ‘needs to be fired’

Many conservative stars have risen through their exposure on Fox News, and Will Cain is a shining example of a hard-hitting, Tucker Carlson-like conservative host who isn’t afraid to speak the truth on any given issue.

According to The Daily Wire, that was evidenced once again by the Fox up-and-comer when he recently slammed “power-drunk” Dr. Tony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, arguing that the infectious disease expert should be fired from his White House position. 

Cain’s criticism came on the heels of Fauci making yet another ridiculous COVID-19 pandemic statement — this time suggesting that all passengers on U.S. domestic flights should be required to prove they’re vaccinated, and also adding that he believes airline passengers should remained masked indefinitely.

“So you have this sweeping vaccine mandate taking effect in New York City. Also on the Sunday shows, Dr. Fauci [said] he thinks that on flights people will be masked up forever,” co-host Carley Shimkus said during a recent Fox & Friends segment.

After discussing Fauci’s poor performance and asinine suggestions over the course of the pandemic and especially under the Biden administration, Cain said the one thing everyone watching was thinking.

“You know, Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to be fired,” Cain stated.

He added:  “He is simply out of control. He is power drunk. And I would ask any journalist who has access to Dr. Anthony Fauci: find the limits of his own power. Ask him, ask him the limit of his own power. See if you can find the point at which he would go, ‘No, that’s too much. We would never do that.'”

Cain went on to slam Fauci’s canned response every time he’s pushed on an issue, as he usually resorts to insisting that the “data” needs to be looked at.

“We are not governed by data. Data which doesn’t support his power-drunk perspective. Data that shows omicron is overwhelmingly mild. But his power is limited by the foundational documents of this country. He is not empowered to tell us to get vaccinated to fly. He thinks so,” Cain added.