Fox News star Peter Doocy is going after Biden like no one else

According to a report in The Daily Caller, Fox News’ White House Correspondent Peter Doocy is the reporter to get a curious answer out of President Joe Biden. 

Doocy has questioned the current president about everything from his former running mate, former President Barack Obama’s lack of endorsement to UFOs, and the answers are a constant surprise.

A montage of Doocy’s best questions for the president was published by the Daily Caller, showing what happens when the suspiciously careful president takes questions from a hard-hitting correspondent.

Biden’s mental status has been questioned from the outset of his campaign. Questions from the right about whether a commander-in-chief in his late 70s was a wise idea have not let up since Biden was installed in January.

While it’s unclear whether Biden is really making his own talking points or there is someone else carefully crafting the administration’s public image, what is abundantly clear is that Biden tends to make a lot of missteps left to his own devices.

As for Doocy’s treatment of the president, while the left and the Biden administration seem to believe that journalists are sometimes unfair to him, many social media users have weighed in, and they believe it’s fair play.

“This reporter has more class towards Biden than Jim Acosta did with Trump,” said one commenter on YouTube.

“Trump got these kinds of questions everyday, from every reporter he’s ever asked to speak…” said another.

A third questioned whether Biden should look so confused when being questioned by the press: “Why does Biden look so scared when he is questioned by reporters. He acts like a scared child.”

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18 Responses

  1. Joe and the hoe need to go! But don’t give us Pelosi who would be even worse, if that is possible?

  2. A scared rabbit describes Biden well. He has no clue what is really going on and yet the libs and dems think he is a great President….come on man,….,open your eyes. He is the worst ever and his administration are driving our country down to soc….ism. How do we get rid of them? Would just one Biden voter tell me that they are glad they voted for him. Bet there isn’t one, except the squad and Nancy and Chuckie,.

  3. doocey’s next question ”hey Joe you’re so old I bet you can’t remember the nuclear codes ?” ”aaah come on man ,you’re a horse in the same pony show ,I damn sure remember my codes they’re *****xxxxx###. we’re all waiting for that moment ,Psaki is probably drinking whiskey just dreading it .

  4. Sandra, you are sooo right. Biden doesn’t have, nor should he have access to anything, codes, military anything. Between him and Harris they don’t have one brain cell. Obama is running things in the background, I guess he is running Pelosi too. Folks if we don’t get rid of the swamp (like Mr. Trump called them)we and our kids are going down the drain. Look at China, they imprison their people then force them to work for the big shots. It has been said that there is a movement against Asians in the USA, I don’t have anything against them it is the government of China that cause the problems. I feel sorry for the people of China. Mr. Trump how do we go about impeachment of Biden, Harris, Pelosi and do something with Obama.

  5. No Kamala is NOT running anything. Obama has been in the background all along. However, what we are all witnessing now is a show.. to wake sleeping people up because Biden isn’t in charge either. This election was stolen by the cabal and soon all of the audits will reveal the crushing truth- that Trump won in a major history making landslide. Then, these criminals will be removed and the military (according to the Constitution) can and will take over until a legitimate President is put into place. Watch what has been occurring- Biden does NOT have access to the “beast”, AF-1, no real secret service detail, no access to the “nuclear football”, no military support or access to the Pentagon.. and he isn’t in the White House either.

  6. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you…………………

    Biden is an idiot. Kamalabama is running the country.

    That is not good news for Americans.

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