Fox News showdown: Psaki says she’d take on McEnany

There could come a time in the near future when two of the most talked-about White House press secretaries in modern American history face off against each other in a one-on-one situation.

That’s because according to Mediaite, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that she’d be “happy” to take questions from Fox News’ latest hire, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. 

McEnany, arguably one of the best staffers that former President Donald Trump hired during the entirety of his first and only term in the White House, was confirmed as the latest Fox News paid contributor earlier this week when host Harris Faulkner announced the news on Tuesday.

Curious reporters questioned Psaki, President Joe Biden’s current press secretary, on whether or not she had any “good wishes” for McEnany for her new job and whether or not she’s open to taking questions from McEnany if that one-on-one should ever occur.

“Sure,” Psaki responded. “I’ve done Fox News Sunday twice now. I’m happy to go on a range of shows.”

Psaki, in her classy response, recounted that she met McEnany on a few occasions back when both of them worked for Fox News rival, CNN, saying “like many Americans, we disagree on political issues, but we talked about…all sorts of things in the green room. I certainly wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

McEnany has been widely celebrated by Trump’s supporters since her first day on the job in 2020, as she battled back against the seemingly anti-Trump press better than any of her predecessors. She quickly gained rockstar status in the MAGA world as she consistently and intelligently defended the former president’s actions with facts and logic.

The former press secretary admitted in her first appearance since leaving the White House in January that she believes Psaki is getting a much easier shake with the White House press pool than she ever did, even suggesting that Psaki is held to a “different” standard with the mostly Biden-friendly mainstream media.

Only time will tell if America will ever get to see the two press secretaries go head-to-head on live television, but if that time comes, be sure to tune in for the showdown of the century.

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  3. P sakof would never answer any question Outright for anyone. No dumbocrap ever does. She may ramble off an incoherent tell of her buddy zero Joe and popcorn.

  4. Doesn’t the Democratic Party have any pleasant looking individuals to use as their different spokespeople to the public. I mean the new press release person, is she a man or woman? Also, look at Pelosi, Hillary, Warren, et al and be honest compare them to the Fox personnel and other press people.

    1. Glad to know someone else has noticed this Bob. It looks like the Adams family gone living dead when you see the brain dead cabinet together.

  5. I don’t have any interest in anything from that white house. I enjoyed the press conference with Kayleigh but any time that thing that bidhead has even comes up I want to barf. I immediately turn off the tv. I thank God every day I don’t have to wake up and see that thing daily.

  6. Most people are missing the point.

    Psaki and all the other minion lightweights of Biden have been instructed by Biden’s handlers to stand in for Biden in all press encounters. Take one for the team. Biden’s handlers know he’s not up to a credible performance as a president. The staff will take all incoming rounds in an all out effort to save Biden from showing how incapable he is to running a country. If Psaki and all the others get branded as idiots, so be it. Gotta spare crazy uncle joe and his handlers know it.

  7. I would tell McEnany not to give Psaki the time of day. The democrats are just looking for news ratings knowing if McEnany showed up the ratings would be there and Psaki gets a chance before a large audience to tell their fake side no matter how much McEnany would win. You don’t give your enemy any of your time especially when you aren’t running for election and therefore don’t need to give your enemy time. So a reporter asked her this question. Interesting because remember when all of a sudden every question from a reporter to Trump was “If you lose the election, will you leave and turn over the office.” The democrats were already doing their fake election plans and knowing what a fighter Trump is, they wanted to force him to say yes in front of the world so when conveniently losing the election to Biden, Trump would have to leave without fighting. Well, he fought anyways because Biden did fake winning the election, he faked winning and President Trump made sure the world knew it was a stolen election. Well, why is this question of whether or not these two women would confront each other being asked. Because democrats want to corner McEnamy in a confrontation so the democrats can claim victory and ride the confrontation to the democrats benefit. Same old trick of trapping your enemy. With President Trump he went ahead and ran a campaign not realizing how bad the crooked and vicious democrats are because they have been stealing and faking winning elections for years now, every year since 1960 there has been an argument in an election, now the democrats are by now well trained in stealing an election and can do it well whenever the democrats need to win an election. McEnany should not give the democrats any chance to gain a chance to talk to the public, let the democrats do that on their time not McEnany’s time.

  8. McEnany would win hands down. She is the best where as this other girl is so stupid there is no contest. And I am not circling back

  9. Psaki already lost. No words need to be spoken. Just put them side to side and then decide. Vote: McEnany 100% of the votes. Psaki zero votes.

  10. I totally agree! McEnany will take Psaki to the cleaners!!! I also am very sad wondering what our allies are thinking just watching how our once Great country is going down the drain day by day and our enemies are just salivating over this turn of events waiting to strike us at any given time knowing how Biden is not fit to be president let alone any other Democrat because they ate all pretty much acting like spoiled children and will stop at nothing to get what they want, screw the American people!! This truly is a sad , sad time for our once Great Country!! 2022 so important get the nuckelheads out and vote if you care to some young conservatives to fill those seats..It really is our only hope to back on track but of course we have to build it first!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  11. A battle like that could raise some money on a cable pay-for-view. Sure would beat the boxing matches! Just have to have an honest moderator, if one can be found on either side of the aisle!

  12. McEnany will destroy Psaki at least McEnany did her homework before she went before the press and didn’t have to “Circle Back” all the time like Psaki has to do at every press conference. And you want to know the funny part Psaki had the press write down what questions they wanted to ask and she still had to “Circle Back” numerous times at the press conferences what is the reasoning for always having to circle back? After all having the questions two days beforehand should have been long enough to have an answer. I miss McEnany.

  13. Love to see this showdown. McEnany will kick Psaki’s Butt. It is only obvious that these two women are held to different standards by the media.
    Just Like Trump and Biden are. Easy street for Psaki and Biden. Not so with McEnany and Trump. So so sad and such a shame. The media is so biased
    and just out right liars. Other countries are looking at us Americans as failures right now. Our own government is just as corrupt and untruthful
    as the media today. I’ll say it again. So so sad and such a shame.

    1. We, as Americans, are not failures. Our demonic government, however, are to blame. Weeds need to be pulled and all pests exterminated now

    1. You have to know the question first in order to have time to formulate the lie. Typical of today’s fake news media, who they are even getting tired of psaki and her “circle back around” attitude

    1. This Pisaky light weight would not be able in a million year to answer in an intelligent way to any of McEnany’s questions, no way !

      Even if she will be getting them in advance she will not keep up with McEnany!
      I bet you, probably after 2-3 questions her brain will be already fried and done !

    2. Dean: I hope if McEnamy gets to Psaki she can prove how much this current joke of a press secretary LIES, LIES, LIES!

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