Fox News SHOCKER – Pelosi’s Hitman Exposed – Ron DeSantis is winning

Tucker’s triumph 

In a shocking twist, it looks like Fox’s Tucker Carlson led cable ratings even on a night that Sean Hannity had an interview with President Trump. As much as they try to cancel him, he just grows in popularity.

As long as Fox has hosts like Tucker in primetime, I’m not too worried about their future.

Pelosi’s hitman exposed

Nancy Pelosi has her hitman – and she’s going to try to take out all 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump. The Washington Examiner reports:

The retired lieutenant general House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to head up a Capitol security review previously criticized GOP lawmakers over the Jan. 6 attack, causing Republicans to question his impartiality.

After the Capitol siege, aimed at disrupting the electoral vote-counting that certified President Biden’s election victory, Pelosi appointed retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore to review security measures.

However, Honore appeared to have his own conclusions about who was responsible for the Capitol attack, prior to his appointment by the House speaker. Honore, who said last July on MSNBC that then-acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf needed “to be run out of Washington” because of what he described as “bulls—” tactics used by federal agents to control riots in Portland, Oregon, tweeted or retweeted partisan statements attacking GOP lawmakers.

Replying to a tweet that Congress would consider expulsion for GOP members such as Missouri Sen. Hawley and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who both supported contesting the certification of the presidential election on Jan.6, Honore replied in a now-deleted Jan. 12 tweet: “This little peace of s— with his @Yale law degree should be run out of DC and Disbarred ASAP @HawleyMO @tedcruz aaa hats. These @Yale and @Harvard law grads is high order white privilege.”

In one tweet, he referred to GOP senators as “a–hats….

DeSantis is winning 

If you’re at all interested in “following the data,” Florida is doing much better than California, Texas or New York, and it’s not an accident. And this is all without lockdowns or masking mandates.

The Washington Examiner reports:
“The facts speak for themselves: Florida’s coronavirus death rate sits at 136 per 100,000 people, the 27th lowest in the country
“Elderly COVID-19-related deaths per 100,000 are also higher in California and New York than in Florida. Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s leadership, 1,066 per 100,000 seniors have died from COVID-19 related illnesses, compared to the national average of 666.”
“Florida’s senior death rate is nearly 100 lower than California’s at 474, and 38 other states rank higher for senior COVID-19 mortality.”
“Along with its schools, the state’s economy remains healthier than the rest of the country. With an unemployment rate of 6.1% as of the end of December, compared to 6.7% nationwide, Florida has seen significantly fewer residents thrown out of work compared to the four other largest states in the country.”
This is true leadership by Ron DeSantis. And in 2024, we need a true leader.

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        1. What is the lonelyest cell in the universe ??? Pelousy’s one brain cell !!! Bad enouth that its a fecal brain cell………………….

    1. Why can’t the GOP play hard ball like Pelosi. We had the house and Paul Ryan did nothing but roadblock Trump. We need to get rid of the Never Trumpers in the GOP. I no longer am sending money to GOP. Only sending to Trumpers.

        1. I’ve yet to have been able to see a difference in the democrats. They’re all complicit in their attempts to destroy our country.

      1. I Agree . I Will Not send any money to the Republicans . Only sending it to the Person ( President Trump and Taylor Greene !).
        IF the Republicans ever get a backbone , then maybe I’ll change .But as of right now …No Thanks.
        Get rid of the RINOS and I might think different . Plus, The Republicans , NEED to get a backbone !!

      2. Excellent plan. I’ve been doing ‘selective’ donations for 8 yrs! Direct to the candidate committee. Check very bottom of Email to see who is actually soliciting!

  1. Whether it was the Praetorian Guard or the Schutzstaffel, tyrants like Pelosi will use the military as a personal bodyguard and to intimidate opposition.

    1. Matt, afraid 95% of our not to smart fellow Americans have no Idea what the “Schutzstaffel” was ?
      Hamburger and Diet Coke is the limit of their intelligence.

      1. They are in so deep with Soros, they can’t stop now; he has ALL the dirt on them. Soros needs to be deported to France; the French would love to get hold of him.

        1. No, deport him to Israel because he supported Hitler and his anti-Jewish agenda during WWII. They’d love to get a-hold of him.

    1. We cannot because we have become a nation of softies bending at the wind changes
      Flip flop, flip flop
      There are no real guts gung ho any more
      Rather a nation of reprobate minds

    2. The F.B.I. under Christopher(Comey Jr.)Wray won’t do anything, because:
      1. Wray’s another “swamp rat” that takes orders from Comrade Pelosi herself.
      2. He’s more interested in “investigating” Trump supporters and figuring out what phony charges to hit them with.
      3. Never took his Oath of Office seriously, much less understood it.
      4. He’s another Washington “elite” lemming, just taking up space
      5. He just doesn’t care to uphold the law; only to sit behind his desk with his thumb up his behind.
      6. And last of all, he hasn’t the backbone to stand up and do what’s right OR proper.

  2. With favorable media coverage and union backing Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Como, Newsom, etc. are doing enormous damage to this country.

    Does anyone think the Biden family, Hillary, a cooperating justice dept, & FBI leadership will ever be convicted???????????????????????????????????

    1. YES, they will be taken care. When they meet their maker, they will just sit there, and take their uinishment, and it can’t happen s oon enough for our country.

    2. Only takes ONE Word . NOPE !!
      They have Soro’s backing them and for some reason they are afraid of him ! He needs to be put Under the Jail.
      He’s the one backing BLM and Anfifa .

  3. An investigation into What congressional and executive branch members are heavily invested in China – besides Biden, Pelosi, McConnel Feinstein,etc

    The FBI will not touch that issue, but it would provide great material for term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That general should be demoted to obscurity, If he had said the same things about democrats they would have demanded he be removed from service, just goes to show the hypocrisy of the democrats.

  5. Jesus is coming, He will judge every liar, worker of evil, with His wrath. There is no army, or nation that will defeat Him. It’s time to repent, and ask God to forgive us as an ungodly nation. Our nation mirrors Sodom, you know what happened to them.

  6. This is scary. It seems to me that this General Honore, despite being deeply partisan, is being appointed to a commission to root out “domestic terrorists”, when America knows, these so-called “terrorists” are the 75 million people that voted for Donald Trump. This “commission” probably won’t address the real terrorists in our country, i.e. BLM and Antifa, et al.
    General Honore spent his military career defending America against what he is tasked to do now. It seems to me that he no longer is honoring the oath he took when he joined the Armed Services, but also, kicked those members that died serving their country, current and past veterans squarely in the stomach with relish.
    It appears that being appointed to a “witch hunt” and getting a big paycheck, outweighs honoring an oath he took, protecting and defending the Constitution when he joined up.
    This man, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT what his name implies, HONORABLE!

  7. The Dem’s have controlled everything, all lies, there has not been any real information on the TV, Radio’s, it is all censored. I am tired of Seeing the lying face of Pelosi, and the other New’s casters that are so busy kissing up or as we used to say kiss but!. An knowing who is running this all is; Obama, who was supposed to exit politics and be only in the lime lite at special events. He served and is supposed to be out. But we were warned about if a foreign country ever took over the office; this country would be lost. Guess what the lies that were held for eight years has come to bight us back.

  8. Until this election fraud is shown to the American people, many Republicans will never vote again. President Trump is the first President that has stood up to the Democratic party since President Reagan did. President Trump showed the American people how crooked the Democratic party has always been. God, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over the November 3rd, 2020 election. Please over turn the election in President Trump’s favor. In Jesus name, Amen

    1. There are a number of us who support the Republican Party and we will vote every time there is an election. We may not win every time but we will never give up supporting our great country. The United States of America belongs to the people of this great country … not to the lying, cheating Democrats who never do anything to help the people of the USA. Read your history of this country and you will know how long it took to become one of the best countries in this world (my opinion). Tell these Republicans they need to support this great country and never quit, or give up because of some ignorant, mean spirited Democrats. God bless the USA.

  9. What is going on at the VATICAN…? Read a E-mail where someone sent Soldiers to the Vatican and got our money out of there Bank…Can’t trust the Goverment or the Vatican…. Satan is really here…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We all know how this “ commission” will turn out! Piglosi has it all in place to burn President Trump and all who support him! Just more wasting OUR money on her vindictive witch hunts! Nancy, looking for a witch? Look in the mirror you filthy old crone!

  11. We Floridians love our Governor Desantis who rightfully so stands firm against the radical Democrat party and Biden communist executive orders, he could make a good run for 2024 President though in Florida we would hate losing him as our Governor.

  12. We Floridians LOVE our Governor DeSantis! He updates us nearly daily with new statistics, positive outcomes, encouragement, and trust. Like Trump, DeSantis loves our country, wants what is good for all citizens, and has taken an aggressive stance in preventing measures that are harmful to our children(schools), jobs (small businesses), and our seniors. I am obedient to wear a mask in stores and restaurants when they specify that masks are required. For the most part, Florida is WIDE-OPEN! God Bless America. God Bless President Trump and Governor DeSantis. God Bless Florida!

  13. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the United States of America. She should be impeached and put in a mental institution.

  14. We need Congress, especially the GOP to fight like hell to prevent General Honore from being allowed to do this security report. The man has already spewed venom about every one and everything Conservative. We all know that Pelosi, AOC and many others knew up to a week in advance something was going to happen, Jan 6th, heck the Democrats planned it. Wake up people!!

  15. God will prevail and all evil will be brought to justice 🙏This world belongs to God and his true believers 🙏 Have Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ 🙏God is our Commander and Chief and no one will take from God what belongs to him 🙏Stand on God’s Word and never give up 🙏

  16. It was Pelosi et al who hired the Antifa, BLM and other thugs and hauled them in by the busload to cause the problems… it was not Trump caused but the liberals who thought they were clever and hired thugs to do the damage! Point the accusatory fingers where they belong…directly at Pelosi and her cohorts in crime! Most likely George Soros funded!

  17. Our government is so inept,filled with hatred and in General complacent. I honestly do not believe America can be saved without a drastic change in leadership,command and without close oversight and accountability . This is the only thing that can save us outside of a Civil War that would weaken us so bad we would be vulnerable to all of our international enemies.America is being treated like a Dictatorship under the Democrats and Never Trumpers.
    I believe this with all my being.

  18. And every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL. Everyone in this country needs to do that now. It is the only way we will survive, as individuals, or as a nation. Anyone who does not, is going down. Those of us who do, will make it through, and be able, by the grace of God, and under His protection to salvage this nation, what is left of it. We will be able to return to the Constitution our Fore Fathers drew up, and the plan, and the laws they laid out. We may not be as powerful, and strong, as we once were. This I do not know. But by Gods grace, and power, we will be protected, and kept safe, insofar as we cannot do it ourselves, until we are strong enough to protect ourselves. At that point, we must remain faithful to Him, or He will leave us and we will go down again, as nation, and it will be final. Make no mistake, we will have to fight for our freedoms. We will have to fight to save our country. He will not simply do it for us while we stand and watch. But He will have our back. God bless us all. God bless our country. The only weapon some us will have is prayer. And for some of us that will be all we have to give. Those who are in that position need to begin now, and stay with it, to empower those who can do the rest. There is power in prayer, and in the name of Christ Jesus.

  19. Just another disloyal Obama hack that remained in the military because all the people faithful to the Constitution and not a member of the Democrat mob were retired..

  20. Pelosi us in panic mode….. cover up is what she is aiming for….. but folks, God is still on His throne …. this is gonna blow up n her face …. her own cmmission.

  21. Any problems of any nature–blAME Trump—Cause Nancy Witch says so–impeach him 3 times already–demo’s are great–just ask the chinese funded media!!!

  22. Sounds like someone is jealous they didn’t make the Harvard or Yale cut. It USED to be quite an honor to be accepted into these institutions.

  23. The investigative commissions are supposed to be unbiased and non-partisan but in this case Pelosi picked a complete racist retired military man who hates conservatives and Pres Trump, that way she gets the outcome she wants without being implicated and she was involved in setting this riot up with her ANTIFA and BLM friends, of that I have no doubt. I have no problem with a non-partisan commission getting to the truth and putting Pelosi in jail where she belongs. As for Lt Gen Honore, one thing he is lacking and that is HONOR, shameful.

  24. People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

  25. Pelosi wants to take out 75 million of us Americans isn’t that considered a threat to us? Maybe we should take her out first.

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