Fox News reporter delivers impressive report under fire in Jerusalem

A young, relatively unknown Fox News reporter made an impressive impression on the cable news network’s viewers and a number of high-profile people for his steadfast reporting in the middle of escalating violence in Israel.

According to the Daily Wire, reporter Trey Yingst was on the ground in Jerusalem, Israel as violence raged between Israeli military forces, Hamas terrorists, and battles in the street between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters. During a live shot with Fox News anchor Eric Shawn, Yingst delivered a flawless report while explosions and violence erupted all around him. 

“Stay with me one second, Eric,” Yingst said as he calmly back away from the escalating violence. He then told his cameraman, “Listen to me, here — listen to me, look me in the eyes, walk with me.”

“There’s gonna be an explosion, it’s fine. Keep moving,” Yingst said to his crew while simultaneously reporting on the situation and guiding his camera crew to a safer position.

“They’re (Palestinians) throwing stones at Israeli police officers, they’re throwing other objects, glass bottles at those officers who are now responding with stun grenades,” Yingst continued in the midst of the uprising.

On Monday, which also happened to be Yom Yerushalayim Day, Jerusalem was hit with a Hamas-led rocket attack, causing Israeli civilians to remain sheltered most of the day as warning sirens were sounded for a bulk of the entire day and night.

The attack sparked a number of retaliatory strikes by the Israeli military, demolishing a number of Hamas missile and rocket sites in the Gaza Strip.

According to Fox News, Israel called up 5,000 reserve soldiers to bolster its defenses as rocket attacks continued on Tuesday. Egypt is reportedly attempting to broker a ceasefire between the two factions with the hopes of quashing the violent outbreak sometime this week.