Fox News reporter confronts Chris Cuomo at Hamptons yacht marina

The Cuomo boys aren’t having a great week.

According to an exclusive from Fox News, CNN primetime host Chris Cuomo was quizzed by a Fox reporter at a Hamptons yacht dock at roughly the same time his embattled, disgraced brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), announced his resignation in the wake of a damning sexual harassment report. Little brother Cuomo was silent as a church mouse. 

“Have you spoken to your brother today, sir?” the Fox News reporter asked. Cuomo replied, “Of course I have.” But that was the last words that he would utter, at least on camera.

The Fox News reporter asked a list of questions regarding his brother’s bombshell resignation announcement, and Cuomo simply strolled from the dock where his yacht is parked back to his truck as the reporter fired off questions.

But Chris Cuomo isn’t known as the silent type, and reportedly, off-camera, he attempted to intimidate the Fox reporter by suggesting that New York state troopers could arrest him at any moment. Cuomo Jr. reportedly told the reporter that he did him a solid, saying he “called to tell them not to get you.”

“I think you have a job, and I’m gonna let you do it,” Cuomo said as if the Fox News reporter needed the CNN host’s permission to perform his journalistic duties.

Interestingly, on the heels of the damning report issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James last week which found Gov. Cuomo’s 11 accusers “credible,” Chris Cuomo suddenly announced his “long-planned” birthday vacation in the Hamptons, which just happened to kick off at the same time his creepy, older brother resigned as governor.

Though many of his critics have called for Chris Cuomo’s resignation as well, given his involvement in advising his older brother early on in the scandal and his failure to report one of the biggest stories of the year — because it involves his brother — many will be watching Chris Cuomo’s next move when — and if — he returns to the studio next week.